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An Ultimate Guide On Short Distance Moving Companies

Tags:  Local Movers,  Moving Tips,  DIY Moving  | 07-15-2020

Compared to a long distance move, a short distance move is supposed to be a faster and cheaper relocation. Moving locally is easier when you make the right decisions. One of the decisions you should not compromise on is hiring reliable short distance moving companies for your move. And not just any mover would do, you need to find and choose only a licensed, affordable and reliable short distance moving company for a hassle-free move.

Whether you are moving for the first time or a seasoned mover, this comprehensive guide will answer all your questions and will help you make all the right decisions of your relocation. All important information related to hiring top-rated short distance moving companies is explained here along with a few moving tips for a stress-free moving experience.

1) Hiring Short Distance Movers Vs Doing it Yourself

Just like long distance moving, hiring short distance movers for your local move is a great option. These professional movers will take care of loading, protecting and lifting your heavy household items. Still, a lot of us wonder whether hiring movers is the most cost-efficient mode of moving. This question always comes up, especially while moving locally, whether you should hire a short distance mover or do it yourself. To solve this dilemma, here are 9 reasons to hire local movers vs do-it-yourself and then ask yourself a few questions like:
  • Do you have enough friends or relatives to help you with loading, packing and unloading?
  • Do you have any experience of moving or using moving equipment without any help from professionals?
  • Are you able to drive a heavily loaded moving rental truck without causing damage to your belongings?
This lack of experience could lead to many types of accidents during the move. You could not just damage your belongings, but also injure yourself while moving heavy furniture items. Not to forget all the time which you will have to put into the moving process to plan and execute the move. When you consider all these factors, the actual cost of hiring moving services doesn't seem big anymore.

Tip #1: To have a stress free moving process, find and hire the short distance moving companies. Even if you have friends and experience, consider hiring movers, especially if you are planning to move special items.

2) How to Find Best Moving Companies

Now that you know the importance of hiring movers and understand the need of professional services. Because the more time you take, the fewer options you will be left with. To find the best moving company for your move, follow the below simple steps:
  • Ask your friends or relatives who have recently moved if they know any reliable local movers. In reality, word of mouth still exists, It can save you a lot of time in searching for professional moving companies.
  • If you can't find any recommendations, then search online or visit reliable online sources like, wherein you would get free moving quotes only from licensed and insured movers near you.
  • Next, Research and cross-check short distance moving company license details. Take a look at BBB website, to check online rating and reviews, Nowadays all companies tend to maintain their online reputation.
  • Compare free moving quotes on the basis of prices, services, moving reviews and reputation for the movers. A thorough comparison will help you find the best movers.
Tip #2: Some moving companies will give you free moving quotes either online or through phone, Always ask movers to conduct an in-home survey for accurate moving estimates.

3) How to find Cheap Service Providers

When you are on a budget, you don't just look for reliable movers but you also look for cheap short distance movers. You don't want to put your hard-earned money at risk just by hiring any moving company. To save money on your move, know how to efficiently compare local moving companies quotes and choose the best that suits your budget.

This guide could help you to learn what is the least expensive way to move locally.

Step 1 - Contact moving companies directly and get free moving quotes.
Step 2 - Ask movers to conduct an in-home survey for accurate moving estimates.
Step 3- Show movers everything whatever you are willing to move.
Step 4 - Discuss additional moving services, better tell them in advance before getting estimates.
Step 5 - Compare the moving estimates you got and pick the one that meets your requirements.
Step 6 - Negotiate with the movers - Ask if any promotions or discounts are currently applicable to your move. Agree upon a price with written estimates and then book your movers.

Tip #3: Get multiple moving quotes and compare them on the basis of prices and services. It is advised that don't go for cheaper rates always, look for quality services and affordable prices.

4) Does Short Distance Moving Companies Offer Packing?

As much as you wish to pack every item of your house yourself and don't want to hire local movers for packing, in order to save money but sometimes it is impossible to avoid such expenses, especially when you don't have time or are not able to put in required efforts or have a lot of heavy furniture items and fragile items. In any such case, you should hire professional relocation companies who are expert in packing and moving in a way that they don't break or get any damage during the move.

Tip #4: Consider hiring short distance moving companies for packing your fragile and valuable items instead of doing it yourself.

5) How to Protect yourself from Fraudulent Movers?

Not all short distance moving companies are trustworthy, there are many that use fraudulent methods to get money from customers. There have always been bad moving companies that tend to scam honest people and take their hard-earned money, in return for bad services. To avoid such situations, there are few things you should keep in mind to protect yourself from frauds.
  • Be careful of the moving quotes that are too low as compared to others.
  • Check to see whether the moving company is a member of reputable moving organizations like AMSA.
  • Don't go for the movers who ask you to give them more than 30% of moving costs in advance.
  • Always prefer to pay through credit card, never pay by cash.
Tip #5: Protect yourself from moving scams and save your money from dishonest moving companies.

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