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20 Amazing Tips When Packing Your Belongings for Storage

Tags:  Self Storage,  Moving And Storage  | 12-31-2020

Are you willing to store the hairdresser your mother bought from her village a long time back? Would you like to store your children's artwork, which they have made with their little hands and efforts? Do you think you have some special tools that you may require later on? Or maybe you are relocating or renovating your home, whatever your case might be, you want the perfect way to keep your belongings safe which are not required at the moment but might be useful for future. And your best way is self-storage which is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to keep your belongings safe and secure. You only have to find a reliable storage facility provider and store your items into it yourself.

However, to ensure that your belongings remain in excellent condition in those units, it is important to pack them properly and with utmost care. Here are a few tips that you can follow while preparing and packing your belongings for storage.

How to Prepare Your Belongings for Storage?

Follow These Tips While Preparing Your Items for Storage:

1. Be organized and planned. This will ensure that you systematically pack your belongings so that you can easily find and have access to your belongings whenever required.
2. Use the best possible protection for your belongings to keep them away from moisture, dust or any damage.
3. Make sure you disassemble large items. This way you can protect every part of the item safely.
4. Always get high-quality packing material. Use hard cardboard, plastic boxes, hard packing material for the safety of your belongings.
5. While preparing your furniture for storage, make sure you don't pack them with direct plastic paper, as the plastic wrap, when used directly on wooden furniture, can trap moisture and eventually invites mold.
6. Always cover the furniture like sofa, bed with cotton bed sheets and never use dark-colored bed sheets as they may leave the color when the humid level is too high in the storage warehouse.
7. While storing your electrical appliances like fridge, or microwave, it is better to leave the doors slightly open for proper ventilation when they are in storage. Otherwise, it may result in condensation and bad odors.
8. While you prepare your electrical devices for storage, it is recommended to properly clean the device and pack them in their own original boxes or boxes of similar size. For maximum protection during storage, you can fill the empty space in the box with bubble wrap or foam. And you must seal the boxes tightly so that no moisture enters the device.
9. When it comes to storing clothes, most of us usually fold them and stuff them together into boxes, but we should avoid doing that. Instead, we should hang them on a clothes rail to give them proper ventilation which helps prevent clothes from mold. You can buy wardrobe packing boxes to hang your clothes for storage. Also, you should use naphthalene balls to protect your clothes.
10. To pack fragile items, it is important to pack items individually with bubble wrapper. Then label the box with the proper label like “Fragile items and Handle with care” to prevent any damage.
11. It is important to make a detailed list of items that you are planning to put in the storage facility. This will help you in better organization and will allow you to get your things easily whenever required. Besides, the storage inventory list is going to be proof of your items that you will keep in storage and it will serve as a proof for insurance claim in case of any damage or loss.
12. Make sure you pack items together that fall in the same category, like kids books, clothes, accessories, fragile items, kitchen items and all.
13. It is important to keep every item in a box, it is not advisable to leave anything aside, as left belongings can easily get dirty or damaged.
14. Avoid using plastic bags for packing as they may retain moisture and can spoil your belongings. Pack your items in plastic containers instead of plastic bags.
15. While you are packing the boxes, it is vital to know that lighter things should be on the top of heavier items.
16. Do not over-pack the plastic containers or make them heavy as it might break the items which are placed inside the container.
17. It is highly recommended to give sufficient cushioning between items in the box. You can put bubble wrap, soft packing paper, foam sheets or even old clothes in between the items.
18. Do not leave the boxes empty, fill them completely as half-empty boxes can collapse and damage your belongings.
19. Make sure you seal the boxes properly as an added protection.
20. Never forget to label the boxes. This way you will get a clear idea about what items are there in which boxes. Ensure you label the boxes from at least two sides with relevant information. And Lastly, Never put valuables in the storage facility.

Now that your belongings are prepared and packed safely for the storage unit, the only thing left to do is hire a moving company that provides a self storage facility and can even move your stuff there. Here at and find yourself the best movers for hire and storage facilities who can move and store your belongings without any mishaps.

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