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7 Hidden Movers Costs about Long Distance Moving Quotes

Do you think moving is a cheap endeavour? Now that you are moving to another state or across the country, do you think you just have to pick up your stuff, hire a truck and you are ready to move? Well, NO, moving is more complicated than you expect. You need to streamline all the moving tasks along with considering all the financial aspects pertaining to the move. This is where long distance moving quotes can help you. Along with providing the moving prices, it also provides vital information about the moving companies. However, to get fair and accurate long distance moving quotes, you should be aware of all the hidden costs.

If we talk about financial dimensions, moving is an expensive affair. This means that you should consider all the costs involved with moving, better you learn the average cost to move across country, while preparing your moving budget. More often, people tend to settle with the prices quoted by the moving companies and overlook the hidden costs. These little hidden costs matter a lot since they can raise your moving budget. If you don't consider them, for any extra services that you require on moving day, you may have to pay extra for it.

To avoid any such last-minute stress, it is important to not only focus on the distance of your move, the weight of your belongings and insurance costs, but you will also have to be aware of all the hidden costs involved with your move. You have to be assured that the moving company provides you with every detail about moving costs included in the long distance moving quotes before you sign the contract agreement.

Below are the 7 hidden moving costs to know so that you won’t be surprised when the final moving bill is delivered:

1 - Specialty Packing Costs

This is one of those hidden costs which are added in long distance moving quotes, that moving company does not disclose. It is mostly added in the packing costs, however, it is better to ask the moving company about this hidden cost. You should be aware of its existence in your moving quotes before you sign the moving contract. This cost comes into presence, in case, if you are moving any fragile items, or glass, mirrors, TV, arts and antiques etc which requires special packing.

Even moving companies need special packing material for packing such delicate items so as to avoid any damage during transit. Costs of all these materials along with its packing service is added as an additional fee in moving costs. As for packing up your other household items, consider using a few cost saving moving hacks and tips and save on the average moving costs.

2 - Fuel Surcharges

This is an additional charge that most of the moving companies wish to leave aside when giving the long distance moving quotes. This is because they want it to pop up on the moving day. It is an additional fee that comes as a result of changes in fuel charges by the time of moving. This hidden cost varies from company to company and it usually ranges between 5% to 18% addition in the total moving costs.

3 - Crating Charges

Adding crates in your packing can definitely cost you some extra cash from your pocket. You need special crates for packing your special and fragile items like mirrors, glassware, artworks, antiques, special furniture items and many more. These crates will add up your moving costs, so you must ensure that moving companies disclose crate charges as well in the long distance moving quotes or at the time of in-home surveys while giving accurate moving estimates before you choose your long distance mover. Many companies usually add this in moving estimates, but in case you can’t see such costs in the quotes don’t hesitate to ask them.

4 - Long Carry Charges

In case your new location or house is not accessible by the big size moving truck, then you are inviting a long carry charge in your moving costs. This charge is based on moving company’s policies and varies from mover to mover. For example, if the moving truck is parked 200 feet away from the house, then maybe the mover gives you the first 100 feet for free, but after that, they will charge you long carry charges. Usually moving companies charge $50 to $100 for the next 100 feet. It is better to be prepared for such charges if you know your new place is not easily accessible by the moving truck.

5 - Stairs Carry Charges

This comes as a handling charge if you know your new house is on the top floor and you require movers to carry up and down your stuff while moving. Mostly one or two flights of stairs are free, but moving companies tend to charge extra for additional flights. Stair carry charges vary from $50 to $150 depending on the number of flights of stairs you have to add. If you have a working elevator in your apartment, consider booking for the move to avoid this cost. However, since elevators slow down the moving tasks, many long distance movers tend to charge an elevator fee, so make sure to ask your movers regarding this too.

6 - Extra Time Spent on the Moving Process

Time is money, every minute of the moving process can be an opportunity wasted in some other works or unnecessary discussions. Make sure to manage time efficiency on the moving day during disassembling, packing, loading etc.

7 - Unexpected Delays

Moving is unpredictable, so it would be wise if you prepare for any unexpected delays that may come. It could be anything like a breakdown of a moving truck, or someone may get injured during the moving process or delay in getting your new house. Even your local movers might get stuck in traffic. You never know what might happen unexpectedly or it can be a natural circumstance as well. So, it is better to consider the cost of lodging or buying extra supplies for storing your stuff overnight or getting storage services from the movers.
Apart from the Above Mentioned Hidden Moving Costs you have to Manage Communication Costs & Shelves as Well
These costs are normal to you, but at the time of moving you may require extra credit to enquire about moving companies and their services, calling friends and relatives for notifying about the relocation and other communication that takes place for the proper streamline of moving.

Now that you have moved to a new house, you have to unpack, unwrap and place everything in order. You may have to incur the cost of fixing shelves, racks and buying new furniture and supplies in your new home.

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