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5 Reasons You Need To Hire Professionals To Move Your Piano

Pianos, with their sheer size and weight makes them difficult to move. If the move is handled by someone who is not experienced in moving it, they can harm themselves, cause damage to the piano or your house. Still, many individuals hesitate to contact a professional piano movers because they believe that the cost to hire them to move their pianos is too high. While we assure you, the prices are reasonable, we will also like to bring front some of the reasons that will assure your that hiring professional movers is the right way to move your piano.

Risk of injury: pianos are heavy and extremely difficult to balance and carry. Proper skills and technique is required on every step of the way to move a piano. Even if you have learned all the how-to’s about moving a piano, it's very easy to have any size piano suddenly get away from them with a resulting nightmare causing injuries to you and your friends.

Damage to the piano:
Moving pianos takes a lot of time and attention to details. Inside them are tiny parts that when lost or damaged can render the instruments to play unreliably. A professional piano mover knows exactly how to dissemble different kinds of pianos to make sure that it fits well to the exit of your old home and into the entrance of your new abode. Pianos are very expensive and by moving it yourself, and even if you moved it without any injury, there always a chance that the sound board is damaged or it gets a big, long, deep scratch is gouged into its fine finish during the move.

Winding Stairs:
If you are moving to or from a condo on the 3rd or higher floor with winding or circular stairs, you will be having a huge problem moving your heavy musical instrument all by yourself or even with your friends. In such scenarios, you will have to carry the piano all the way up or down (depending on the need) without breaking as that may cause wobbling and slipping of pianos, which may again result in personnel injury or piano damage. Only a company that also caters to moving pianos can be fully prepared to carry out your move who are equipped with the best tools and equipment to guarantee an easier and convenient move.

Equipment required:
Moving a piano requires a particular skid or a special dolly and belts, which are sure not lying around at your house. What’s more, even the trucks used by piano moving companies to move pianos often are equipped with special air ride systems and they have facilities to double or triple belt the piano to the truck to limit jostling of pianos on the road.

Professional piano movers are licensed and insured. In the majority of cases, the insurance coverage they carry will be more than enough to cover the costs of replacing or repairing a piano. Mistakes do happen and somebody can get hurt in the moving process, so it is always better to be prepared and hire the best.

Compared to such bleak recourse of moving the piano yourself which may lead to terrible moving catastrophes, a few hundred dollars that you would have to pay to a professional piano moving seems like an inexpensive and exceptional bargain.  At Moversfolders, we offer many skilled and professional piano movers who will make sure your precious piano is paced, moved and placed in your now abode without any damage.

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