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5 Important Questions to Ask your Cheap Long Distance Movers

Moving to a new place, especially when you are moving to another state, involves many decisions to be taken on time or in a very short span of time. From selecting the best moving services that suit your budget to fixing the moving date, along with plenty of other moving tasks to do, things become downright difficult to handle sometimes. The most important moving decision of hiring cheap long distance movers is probably the hardest since the entire success of the move depends on this one decision.

With hundreds of moving companies around you, there is no shortage of choices to make while you are shopping for the best movers. Whether you are hiring local movers or long distance moving companies, in order to ensure that you select only reliable ones, it is vital to ask a few pertinent questions to them before you hire them. To find the cheap long distance movers who are trustworthy and fits all your moving requirements, here are the 5 questions that you need to ask before you select them.

1. Do they have Proper Moving License & Insurance?

This is one of the most important questions, which needs to be asked as a first priority. To avoid being scammed by movers and ensure your safety against fraudulent movers, make sure to ask the movers whether they are properly licensed or not. All professional and reliable long distance movers must have a USDoT number which is granted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). To check this number, you can visit the SAFER website and enter the moving company name or USDoT number. This will reveal all the available data on the movers like their carrier’s identification, type of operations, inspections summary, crash information, and safety ratings. Make sure to review all this information with great care.

The moving company you are considering should have an 'active" USDoT number and not an "ordered out of service" status. Their details on the system should match with the one they provided you.  If you find any differences, ask the movers directly about it, and If you don't get a satisfactory answer, skip them and consider others.

2. Experienced with the Type of Move you Want?

Make sure to ask the moving company whether they have ample experience in handling the type of move you want. For example, in case you are moving to a high rise apartment or to a big city, then you should do an inquiry from the moving company, whether or not they can handle such a move. Movers should have enough experience and be well prepared for handling everything that comes in the way of the move like narrow hauls, stairs, no elevators, parking restrictions and many more.

3. What Liability Coverage do they Offer?

Before you hand your belongings to the mover, it is important that you get proper coverage for your belongings in case of any damage or loss that can happen during such a long move. There are different types of liability coverage options to choose from which are offered by the moving companies. Most of the professional movers offer two types of liability coverage options, they are full value protection and released value. Here's what they mean:

(i) What is Full Value Protection?

Your moving company is liable to pay you the full amount value of any loss or damage to your belongings. This is the best and comprehensive plan which is offered by many professional movers in regard to your belongings. The cost of this liability coverage varies from mover to move.

(ii) What is Released Value Protection?

This is the most economical liability coverage option for the protection of your belongings as it is free. With this option, the cheap long distance movers assume a maximum liability of 60 cents per pound for each item, which certainly doesn't cover the value of your belongings.

Along with these, you can also assess your homeowner’s insurance policy to analyze whether or not it provides coverage for any special items such as crystal, antiques or collectables during a move. For overall better coverage, you can always choose to get third party insurance from your movers. In any case, understand all your moving insurance policies and coverage before choosing one.

4. Ready to Provide Previous Customer References?

You would certainly want to understand all the moving services offered by the movers before hiring them. So, why would you want to choose a moving company without checking their references? Even if you are on a tight budget, do not compromise on the quality of services they offer. So, before handing over your precious possessions and trusting a moving company, ask for references.

Reliable moving companies are always happy to share their references. So, if the moving companies you are assessing hesitate to provide you, consider it a red flag and remove them from your list. If a moving company confidently provides you with all the information you need, you can go ahead with them. However, getting references is not enough, you need to do your homework.

When you are looking for cheap long distance movers, we advise you to ask your friends and relatives for references. Even today, word of mouth is the most reliable source of getting unbiased information and finding a reliable moving company. Another simple way is to check the ratings and reviews of the cheap long distance movers on BBB (Better Business Bureau). Make sure the company you are choosing has positive reviews and a good track record history and closed all complaints from past customers.

5. Ready to Provide On-Site & Written Binding Estimates?

In order to get fair and accurate moving quotes online, then ask moving company representatives to conduct a visual inspection of your belongings. Only after inspecting all your household items and understanding all your moving needs, the estimator should offer a written binding estimate. If a moving company refuses to conduct an in-home survey and insists on phone estimates, then it is a red flag and you should not consider them. Know that the written estimate should include all the information about the movers, specify all the charges, including payment method and the agreed moving dates of your move.

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