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10 Tips for a Successful Office Move

Your office is your second home. You spend a considerable time of your life at your office. This calls for taking care of your office sensitively and ensuring it runs efficiently. There are times when you need to shift your office premises due to various reasons.

The Common Reasons Behind the Office Moving May be:

Office Lease Ending

You are compelled to renew the lease or evict the office premises at the end of a lease term.

Spacious Premises Required

You need spacious office premises to accommodate expansion plans.

Better Business Prospects At New Location

If the business prospects are better at some new location, you will move in business growth interest.

For Cheaper Rent At New Location

If there are better rental options and hence more savings at the new place, this is yet another common reason to move to the office.

Environmental Or Health Factors

When you need a more environment-friendly location and a place better suited to the health of your working staff, you might decide to look for a more eco-friendly and healthier place.

Legal/Regulatory Issues

There are legal issues or regulatory guidelines which do not permit continued operations at the old place. This will leave you with no option but to move.
You should bear in mind that moving your office is not child’s play. You have failed the purpose if your unplanned move negatively affected your business. Thus, it is of utmost importance to shift your office through some wise planning, and certain experienced advice.

Here are a Few of Such Tips for a Smooth Office Relocation

1. Have the Purpose in Mind

Before you think of relocating your office, give a wise thought to the purpose of your move. Will this move work for the better? Is the move unavoidable? If yes, what should be the ideal time to relocate? Will this move boost your business in the true sense? The idea is that you should wisely introspect the purpose of your move.

2. Consult Those Whose Opinion Matters

Do not move on your solo impulse only. Have a genuine opinion of your close confidantes, well-wishers, and advisors. You should also take your office staff into confidence as they would need mental and other preparations for the new working premises. You should not move on a mere whim and fancy. Have a thorough discussion with your solicitors and well-wishers and experienced staffers before the relocation. It is recommended to look for both short-term and long-term professional gains from the move.

3. Seek Legal Opinion

You should seek a legal opinion regarding the legitimate way to vacate the old premises, rent the new premises, deciding on agreements, contracts, and lease terms, guidelines on basic facilities and technical back up and a lot more things which the lawyer would tell you.

4. Plan a Budget

Please remember that moving is a costly affair. The charges shoot with several factors like distance, season, timings, type of services, and size of the move. The tip is that you should plan a budget for the move. Fill in some details of your move and get a genuine idea of the average cost of moving. The exercise is worth it and you save up to 40% of your moving costs through (An online moving portal that gives you multiple options which help you choose as per your budget and moving requirements).

5. Start Planning Early

An office cannot be moved overnight. It is suggested you plan early so that you have ample time to think, rethink, consult, settle old dues, pack up, hire movers, prepare a new location and strategize the move. Unless contradicted by compelling circumstances, you should plan an office move at least six months in advance.

6. Appoint a Moving Manager

Make some person in charge of the moving activities. You can designate him moving manager, team leader, or some other motivational title. He should take care of the preparations, including planning a budget, informing the clients, settling dues at old locations, hiring movers, packing the office stuff, etc. He can form his own team also to assist in different aspects of the move.

7. Keeping Operations Uninterrupted

An office move is likely to temporarily affect certain office essentials just like networking and public dealing due to disconnections. Ask your networking professionals to make alternate arrangements and ensure things resume to normal pace at the new office as promptly as possible.

8. Communicate with your Associates

As your move office, you should inform your clients, associates, business partners and related persons/organizations well in time. You should communicate that your communication channels may be hit due to the move for a certain number of days. Send them courteous mails and show your regret for the inconvenience caused and request to bear with the move.

9. Hiring Professional Office Movers

You cannot throw an office move into unprofessional hands as there is sensitive stuff to be moved. The office stuff like networking apparatus, stationery items, and delicate machinery requires expert professionals to move. Thus, you should hire professional movers to move your office. You are recommended to log in to to have free office moving quotes from authorized, expert and legitimate moving companies that excel in moving offices. This exclusive online portal has a special section on office movers who are trained and proficient to move modern offices. Without professional movers, you will find it extremely different to move safely the usual modern office infrastructure like computers, CPUs, xerox machines, printers, filing cases, office furniture, etc. If your office is equipped with special and fragile stuff like large artworks, glass tables, aquariums also, you should browse the specialty movers section.

10. Divide the Work

Blunt it may seem but people are not as sensitive towards their workplaces as their homes. Thus, things may not be as streamlined unless you divvy up the work. Allocate different works to different people. Another sound tip is to be wise in dividing this work as per the calibre of your employees. For instance, you should give the job of disassembling networking cables and rearranging at the new office to those in the IT cell. Similarly, those with an artistic and creative bend of mind can take care of smart packing and labelling, etc.
The detailed tips on how to execute an office move may be seen in the office movers tips category here at

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