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10 Simple Ways to Save on your Local Moving Costs

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Ever heard the quote, “Money is what makes the world go round”, but when it comes to moving, money makes the wheels of the moving truck go round and round until you reach your new house. And the best to understand the various costs involved in a move is by getting free moving quotes from different movers near you. After reading this guide, you will have a much better understanding of your local moving costs and what measures you can take to reduce them.

1) Where you Are Moving To?

Your moving distance and location certainly influence your moving costs. Local movers offer hourly basis quotes or flat rate quotes, unlike long distance moving services who base their prices on the basis of the weight of your belongings. Also, the hourly rates change as per your city and your state. While you cannot do anything about your location, but, by taking a few measures you can reduce moving costs. For example, if you live in a city with heavy traffic, it is wise to go with flat rate quotes.

2) When you are Moving?

Your chosen moving date will influence your moving costs. If you are not sure, try getting local moving quotes for 2 or 3 of your preferred dates. For example, notice the difference between a quote received for a weekend and midweek or during off-season. The busiest moving times are in the month of summer or during weekends. So, try to schedule your move in the autumn which will help you considerably reduce your moving costs. Local Moving companies are usually less busy during these months and offer special discounts to secure your business.

Also, if you are on a tight budget, then consider being a little more flexible and move as per the mover’s availability, for example, early morning or late evenings. This will further help you bag the best deal for the partial or full service movers needs.

3) What you are Moving?

Local moving quotes are usually based on the number of hours required to finish the move. This means the more stuff you have, the more time it will take to pack them, load them on the moving truck and later unload them. So, the cheapest way to move locally is by de-cluttering. You may have a hoard of possessions at your home, some of which you don’t even use or require anymore. So, spare some time from your busy schedule to sort all your belongings. Be ruthless and thorough while decluttering, after all, there’s no point in dragging a lot of junk to your new home.

Along with these, you might also have a few furniture items which are too old and might not survive the move. It would be wise to sell or donate these furniture items instead of planning to repair them at your new house. Plan a garage sale to sell all the unwanted stuff as this will put a bit of cash in your pocket. For all the items that are too worn out and do not sell at the sale, consider donating them to a local charity.

4) Planning and Organising while Moving

Even if you are moving locally, the sooner you begin to plan it, the better moving deal you could get and there will be fewer chances of making any last-minute mistakes. So, begin with making a moving checklist which will list and remind you of all the moving tasks you need to finish. Ideally, you should begin your moving plan 8 weeks before your moving day. This will give you plenty of time to compare local moving quotes and finalize the best local moves for your move. Also, if you are planning to pack up your belongings yourself, then with a proper plan, you can finish all the packing with proper labeling in a timely manner and avoid chaos and confusion on moving day.

5) Benefits of Comparing Moving Companies

The main benefit of using a reliable online moving platform to get quotes is that you receive quotes only from the movers who are licensed, insured and members of reputable moving organisations like AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) and also only the movers who can meet all your moving requirements will offer you the quote. By promoting healthy competition between moving companies, this platform ensures that the best deals are offered to you.

6) Getting In-home Moving Estimates

After comparing online quotes, sort out the movers that best match your needs and budget and then contact them to conduct a visual survey of your belongings. This visual survey ensures that your movers get aware of all the additional moving services you may require and then provide you written estimates. Once you get the cost breakups in hand, you can plan accordingly to save money. For example, you can reserve an elevator or parking space beforehand.

7) What about Packing Services & its Costs

Should you employ packing services or pack yourself? You may think that packing yourself will save you money, but what will happen if you break your expensive Smart TV or delicate cutlery due to substandard packing. Thankfully, many companies offer partial or full service packing and moving services which mean professionals will pack up all the fragile and heavy items, whereas you take care of packing the rest of your belongings. This way all your items are packed securely while you save money at the same time.

8) Insure your Possessions

Many people underestimate the importance of getting proper insurance for their move because they are moving just across the street. But this is one area where a small outlay now may save a far bigger sum in the future. So, discuss with your local moves and understand exactly what are, and are not, covered for by their insurance.

9) Negotiate a Better Deal with your Movers

Lastly, before booking the movers, try negotiating a better deal from them. Ask them directly if there is any offer or discount that you can take benefit of. Sometimes movers offer you a better deal when you negotiate because they don’t want to lose your business.

10) Get Multiple Estimates, Compare & Save!

To understand how much do movers cost for a local move, you need to begin with getting multiple free moving quotes online. If you have received a few good recommendations from your friends, then contact them directly and ask them to provide quotes. Otherwise, request for free local moving quotes just by providing your moving details with a simple form.

Make use of's straightforward and easy-to-use process to get online estimates from multiple reliable movers. Compare free moving quotes without any no-obligation at your own time and find the right movers for your move. Happy Moving.

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