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10 Moving Tips about Hiring the Best Long Distance Movers

With thousands of moves taking place every year, it is a small possibility that some moves go smooth without any issues at the end or without any hassle. To avoid any problems during the move, it is better to hire the best long distance movers for a smooth moving experience. But with so many moving service providers, there are still chances of a scam as there are many fraud moving companies in the market. So it is advised to be aware of every step in finding the moving company. With this guide, learn the 10 most essential tips that will help you in finding the best long distance movers.

1) Finalize your Moving Inventory

As we all know that our long distance moving quotes are based on the weight of your belongings and the distance to be traveled. So the first step a moving company will do is they take the complete inventory of your belongings to determine accurate weight of your stuff through in-home surveys or virtual records. The moving representative has to thoroughly check all your house corners, cupboards, garages and everything else and then provide you with accurate moving quotes. Ensure you understand every aspect of moving estimates and take it as accurately as possible to avoid any surprises on moving day.

2) Get In-Home Survey for Binding Estimates

A moving estimator who comes for physical inspection will have a quick thorough walk through of your house and note everything that you wish to move. A good moving estimator will ask you questions about what all you have planned to move and do you have any additional service requirements. So make sure, you tell him/her the things that you don't want to move, like things which are unwanted or you want to donate or sell.

3) Never Pay Large Deposits While Booking Movers

It is important to know that the best long distance movers will never ask you to pay a large deposit. You should always pay on the moving day. In case the moving company asks for the full amount before moving day, then give it a second thought and move to another mover. If by chance you will pay in advance, then you won't be having much control over your move. Even when you pay some amount as advance, always pay through credit card to avoid any fraudulent activity.

4) Do Adequate Research about Movers

Few moving companies don't wish to get accessed by BBB (Better Business Bureau), as they try to work by switching their names frequently. Be aware of such movers, as they may  probably have several reasons like due to bad track record history etc. Ensure you check the mover's license, insurance and USDoT number at FMCSA website along with checking the ratings and reviews of the company before you hire them. It is always better to do adequate research about the moving company to avoid any shocking results at the end.

5) Ask to Provide Previously Served References

Getting references from your relatives or friends who have recently moved is the most trusted way of finding reliable and best long distance movers. In case you don't have any recommendations, then get connected to licensed and insured moving companies with the help of Moversfoldercom, you can then contact the moving companies directly and ask them to provide you with referrals details of their last three customers. By learning the experience of their last three customers, you can surely discern their credibility. If you are moving for the first time, then begin with understanding how to choose a mover first.

6) Save On Packing Costs

If you are planning to pack some of your belongings yourself, then you should be aware that moving companies are not responsible for any damage to your stuff. However, if you hire a moving company for packing services, they may charge you an inflated moving cost for all packing material and boxes apart from time and labor. When you choose full service movers for packing and moving, they will take charge of packing items and provide you with liability coverage of any damage to your belongings.

7) Beware of Additional Charges

Are you moving to the 10th floor? So be ready to pay extra charges for flight services. Moreover, if you have narrow streets that won't fit a moving truck, expect to pay additional fees as long haul charges to transfer your belongings from a small van to moving truck. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, make sure to check all hidden moving costs before you get moving estimates in writing and understand all the fees that apply to your move.

8) Don't Sign a Blank Moving Contract

While hiring the best long distance movers, it is always better to get every detail in writing. Never sign a blank or partially filled moving contract. Every aspect of moving costs, like the cost of the move, additional fees, moving date and time should be listed in a moving contract. Read the moving contract thoroughly before you sign and make sure all your belongings are listed in the inventory list. Beware, that you cannot claim for things which are not mentioned in the moving contract.

9) Choose Guaranteed/Binding Moving Estimates

There are three kind of long distance moving quotes:

(i) A non binding moving estimate means a company is liable to ask for payment that crosses 10% of moving quotes.
(ii) A binding moving estimate means a mover will get the payment exactly as it is mentioned in moving quotes, irrespective of the weight of your belongings. It is a guaranteed moving estimate.
(iii) A Not to exceed binding estimate is similar to a binding estimate with the exception that if the estimated weight is less than the weight of your belongings, then you pay less than the quoted price.

No matter which estimate you would prefer to choose, here is another moving guide to help you understand how to move to another state.

10) Report any Problems

According to FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), the customer will get nine months after moving day to report any problems they have experienced with the moving company and claim their insurance. In case you open the boxes after a few months, and find shattered pieces of glasses, then claim your refund. However, it is always better to check and open your boxes as soon as possible to check for any damage etc. after unloading.

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