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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

The following are the moving questions which are frequently asked by most of the moving Customers:

What is involved in estimate quote provided by the moving company?
While providing an estimate the salesperson of the moving company will conduct a visual survey of all your belongings before providing an estimate. Also, they will enquire about the moving date, king of packing service and the new address to move. In this estimate, the moving company will provide a detailed cost plan accordingly for an evaluation. No moving company will charge for providing an estimate. If the move is intrastate or international, the estimates vary with weight, distance, custom clearance etc.,

Movers are obliged to move within the estimate they provided?
Movers are obliged to move within the estimate if it’s a binding estimate. Whereas, if it’s a non-binding estimate, then one can least expect the movers to work within the estimate.

What is binding estimate, non-binding estimate and other terms?
Binding Estimate: It is a price estimate and a legal agreement between you and the mover to move your goods within the agreed price. These agreements should be in written format.

Non-Binding Estimate: Its exactly reverse of binding estimate. These estimates are mean to give you an idea of the price and can subject to change. The mover must mention in the written format as non-binding estimate.

What kind of information should a moving company provide to its movers?
Moving Companies must provide:
  • Binding estimate or non-binding estimate in written format
  • Disclosing their US DOT license
  • Providing a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”
  • Dispute settlement information
  • Customer care number to contact the moving company in case of inquiry or lodging a complaint.
What paperwork I can expect from a moving company?
  • Moving company has to provide a copy of the order of service after the execution of the agreed service. Make sure to get it signed by the moving company.
  • The moving company must provide the copy of the freight bill at the time of pickup.
  • After unloading, the moving company must provide the completed freight bill.
What does it mean by ‘Order for Service’?
It is a document which authorize the mover to ship your belongings. This document records the scheduled pickup date, delivery date, estimate provided by the moving company and the details of other special services like packing.

What is the importance of ‘Bill of Lading’?
This is an agreement between you and the moving company. The moving company should provide you this agreement before loading your belongings. Read it thoroughly before you sign on it. This document is very important to settle the claims.

Am I protected against loss or damage of my belongings?
Your belongings are protected against loss or damage while they are in transit. But, the value of the protection depends upon valuation program you have chosen. Explore more about the valuations programs at “MOVING INSURANCE POLICIES AND COVERAGE TIPS”

What will happen, if the moving company doesn’t pickup or deliver as scheduled?
Following a ‘reasonable dispatch’ practice is necessary for the moving companies. But, things which aren’t in the moving company’s control like weather can be accounted as valid reasons.

In how much time I can claim for my belongings in case of loss or damage?
You can file for a claim in nine months from the date of delivery.

I like to pack on my own, But, is moving company is still responsible for the loss or damage of my belongings?
Of course! Yes. Most of the moving companies repack the boxes if they think the packing was improper which comes under tariff provision. Also, during transit the moving companies are held accountable for the loss or damage if it isn’t caused by any act of nature act, act of public enemy or public authority, etc.

Which documents a moving company must provide on pickup and delivery date?

Pickup date: You must receive a bill of landing which provides the name of the responsible moving company with an inventory list, address of the company, contact number and ICC MC number.

Delivery date: To confirm the delivery of your belongings date, do refer the bill of lading. Never ever depend upon the information provided by the drivers.

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