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Getting Free Moving Quotes Online from professional movers and comparing them to find a reliable moving company to handle your move can be a stressful experience. You probably want to shop around to find the best moving deals, but making lots of inquiries and explaining your moving requirements over and over again to individual moving companies will undoubtedly take a lot of time and effort on your part. This is where can help you make your whole moving experience easy and hassle-free by availing you professional moving quotes online from various licensed, insured and verified moving companies enlisted with us.

Whether you are moving locally or long distance, moving your studio apartment, penthouse or an entire home or business, offers you an easy and practical system, by filling a simple “Get FREE Moving Quotes” form you can gather all the information needed and which will make your move more time efficient and cost effective. This revolutionary moving platform lets you save time and money by providing you with a list of moving companies on your own terms. The biggest perk of getting multiple moving quotes online is that you can compare movers, customer reviews and ratings at your own leisure in order to get the lowest possible price for the same service.

Local Moving Quotes

A Local move is when the distance you are moving is less than 50 miles and typically within a state or province. Since a local move requires less time and manpower, the main factor to determine local moving cost is the moving distance and move size. However, if your move is sizable with lots of cargo, then it will require a large team and even multiple days. This is why a local moving company will generally charge you hourly rates which vary from movers to movers. So, don't be confused and check the number of movers mentioned in free local movers quotes.

Long Distance Moving Quotes

A long-distance move is when the distance you are moving is at least 100 miles or when moving to another state. These moves generally require significant time and manpower regardless of their size. The long distance moving costs will vary depending on the size of your move and the distance to be travelled and several other factors. Even though you can get free long distance moving quotes online, and later moving companies will provide more accurate estimates after evaluating your inventory or after a physical onsite survey at your home.

International Moving Quotes

Though, international shipping and its costs are dependent on many factors like the weight and volume of your cargo, destination country, customs, and more. Here at, we can help you with all the information needed to plan your international move easily with helpful moving tips and guides. And you can even avail free international moving quotes online from various overseas specialist companies without any obligation.

Auto Transport Quotes

Choice is yours, either drive your vehicle all the way from one state to another or hire Auto Transport Companies who are specialized in moving your car in open air or closed containers and the Moving costs are dependent on factors like model of your car and distance. Obtain free auto shipping quotes here at, compare and choose the best who offer all-inclusive prices after accessing your unique moving requirements.

Office Moving Quotes

Moving an Office or Business, carefully choose the experienced and professional movers who could handle your valuable assets like computers, furniture and other devices with proper equipment and tools. Whether you are moving within the city or across the country, find reliable office movers here at

Special Movers Quotes

When you need to move a special item which is usually beloved and expensive and requires professional handling then hire specialty movers. For example, if you have a baby grand piano it is best to find Piano Movers to move them safely.

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1. You will certainly receive moving quotes because of our vast network of licensed, insured and verified moving companies.
2. Getting moving quotes from movers near you is incredibly easy. All you do is fill in a quick form and that’s it.
3. You get complete freedom while choosing your movers. You can ask for more details, negotiate prices, and more.
4. Compare Ratings & Reviews and overall services before finalizing movers for hire.
5. Save your precious time and money by getting moving quotes online from various trusted movers in one go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is and Why Should I Use? is an online moving platform that acts as a bridge between you and the professional moving companies. We build trust and aim to reduce your moving-related problems and give you transparency and control all around, by setting good movers apart from the bad movers. We help you obtain instant free moving quotes online along with useful moving tips and guides to ensure that you make an educated decision and experience a hassle-free move. empowers both customers as well as the Movers, Identifying the right mover for your moving needs who is both reliable and competent is not easy but we can connect you with multiple licensed and insured moving companies in minutes so you would compare the average cost of moving and choose the best.

What is a Moving Estimate? Do I Require One?

Moving estimates are very important and must not be ignored. It will provide you with an idea of what you'll be paying for your move (or an exact amount, depending on the type of estimate), so there won't be any surprises when it comes to paying the charges. As for movers, an estimate will allow them to see exactly what you'll be moving if there are any additional services that you might require, and how much room will be needed on the truck.

Estimates also give you a chance to compare movers. Even if your first call lands you a good mover, it's always good to make sure that company is the best option. The last reason why it's good is that during the estimate process, when the mover comes to view your belongings and analyze the moving requirements, he or she can provide you with some tips and suggestions, letting you know if you'll need a specialty mover, how much does it cost to move with professional movers and also give you a chance to clarify questions. Check out this moving tip: How to Evaluate Moving Estimates for Your Move?

What are the Different Types of Moving Estimates& Which is Best for My Move?

Typically, there are three types of moving estimates that you would get when receiving a contract agreement for your move. Below are all three, with explanations, so you can choose which is best for your unique situation.

(i) Binding Estimate: A Binding estimate is basically a fixed price contract. This means that you agree to pay the quoted amount. The actual weight is irrelevant, If everyone is honest, binding estimates can be the most “fair” type of estimate for your move. The risk involved with this type of estimate is that the estimator could highball it to get extra money for pounds that don’t exist. And if you try to sneak in lots of extra items that were not included on the original estimate, then the moving truck driver has the right to “challenge” the binding estimate on loading day, before the actual loading takes place.

(ii) Non-Binding Estimate: A non-binding estimate is generally provided over the phone, which gives you an idea of how much it might cost based on the moving details you provide. But your final bill will depend on the actual weight of your belongings, that means it could be higher or lower than the originally quoted estimate. Just in case, when final bill is higher than the quoted prices, they cannot compel you to pay more than 10 percent (or 110 percent of the estimated cost).

(iii) Binding Not-to-Exceed: A true Binding Not-To-Exceed estimate is the best type of contract. Some movers also provide fixed and guaranteed quotes wherein the moving quote you receive will be fixed and is the actual cost of your move even when the actual weight is more than the estimated. But when the actual weight is less than the estimate, then you pay according to the actual weight only as per the agreed price per pound.

How do I Know that My Moving Estimate is Reasonable?

Many people feel let down, even scammed, when the cost of their movers goes beyond the initial estimate. To avoid such situations, you need to consider what type of moving estimate has been provided.

The simplest way to determine if you've been misquoted by the movers is to get at least five separate estimates from different moving companies. If the companies are reliable, then their quoted prices won't be too far off each other. However, if you find one very low quoted or very high, then you should question the company. You need to understand why their price is so much different and do some background research to gauge their credibility. More than likely, this company could probably be a rogue mover and should be avoided.

What is the Right Time to Get an Estimate?

Try to get moving estimates at least 4 weeks in advance of your planned moving dates range. This will give you enough time to analyze movers, their pricing and overall services and plan your move better. If you are Planning to Move in Summer, then remember that Summer is peak season for moving industry, so book your move early to avoid setbacks and disappointment of not finding a better deal.

How do Movers Estimate My Move?

Estimation process actually depends on your type of move, whether you are moving locally or long distance, residential or commercial. Local movers usually charge on an hourly basis and most movers apply a minimum of 2-hour charges.

Long distance movers on the other hand, estimate on the basis of distance and weight or volume of your belongings. Additional moving services that you require like packing, unpacking, hoisting etc. will be charged extra.That said, each estimate is treated individually and specific to your customized moving requirements.

Can I Make Changes in Inventory after Receiving an Initial Estimate?

Yes, you can make changes in your moving inventory whenever you want until you sign the agreement contract. Moving companies totally understand that you can change your mind as per your needs of services and budget. Once you receive the initial estimate, you can add or remove services until the moving company furnishes a contract signed by both parties.

What Happens if My Moving Date Changes?

The first thing you should do is contact your movers and inform them about the change. Chances are, either movers could be already booked for the new date or may charge you higher for the date you want to reschedule, especially if it is a weekend or national holiday. So, make sure you change your moving date after consulting with your moving company and plan according to their availability.

Am I Protected Against any Damage or Loss?

There are two types of insurance coverage provided by moving companies, they are Released Value protection and Full Protection Coverage. Both options will compensate in case of any loss or damage. In released value coverage, you will get reimbursement of 60 cents per pound whereas in full value protection coverage, either the mover will repair the item or will replace with the same kind. There are other third party insurances as well available for any damage or loss that you can buy it on your own. However, all professional moving companies are liable to offer you some basic insurance.

How Much Insurance Should I Get for My Move?

Getting Insurance coverage for your belongings is important as you would surely want to protect your belongings during the move. You can choose to go with released value protection if you are moving only clothes with a few pieces of furniture and nothing valuable. In case, you are moving plenty of valuable items, then go for full value protection based on the worth of your belongings where the moving company will be liable for full replacement value of goods or you can choose to purchase third party insurance.

How Much Insurance will be Included in the Moving Quotes?

Most of the moving companies do not add insurance in moving estimates.They only provide quotes on moving services and expenses. Although the basic coverage insurance, ‘Released Value Protection’ is free, you should still be sure to ask for it in your contract. Whereas, the ‘Full Replacement Value Protection’or third party insurance, can be secured independently that you can find with the help of your hiring movers.

What are Travel Costs? Are they Included in Moving Quotes?

When you are moving locally, movers apply a travel fee for the time they require to reach your home from their office. This is usually added as 1 additional hour of labor in the quotes but could differ as per movers. If you don't find it in the estimate, it is wise to ask your hiring movers whether they plan to charge you a travel fee.

How Do I Check the License of a Moving Company?

All professional long distance movers are liable to provide their United States Department of Transportation (US Dot) number to their customers. To verify, just visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website and enter the US Dot number provided and get access to the company history with which you can determine their credibilityand decide whether you want to hire them or not. Whereas, Local Movers obtain their local moving license from their respective States which can be verified with the state’s official website.

How do I Arrange an In-home Estimate for my move?

The easiest way is to simply fill in the 'Get FREE Moving Quotes' form here, and the best movers will connect you instantly. After analyzing the prices and services you can call the moving company representative for an in-home estimate and final written contract.

What Should I Do when Movers Visit My Home for an Estimate?

When movers visit your home, show them everything that you are planning to move and discuss all your moving requirements including moving valuable and special items like a grand piano or antiques.

The moving company representative will want to do a complete walkthrough of your home with you because it usually helps movers understand the amount of space your household items would take on the moving truck and to determine the approximate cost of moving and give you a written Estimate/Order for Service. Lastly, Moving companies performs on-site estimates for absolutely free. Remember, that the estimates are just - an estimate only.

How Much Deposit Amount is Needed to Reserve a Time Slot?

Well, it depends on your type of move and moving companies. While some moving companies asks no deposit, there are others who request a non-refundable deposit. They do this because moving dates are unstable at best, longer the duration the likelihood of cancellation increases. To make sure they don't suffer losses, many moving companies ask for a small amount of deposit to book your move.

The deposit amount depends on the size of your move, for example, when the mover asks you to deposit 300$ for a long distance move, then it is reasonable. And Local movers on the other hand, rarely asks for any deposit. And Lastly, never agree to pay a large or full amount of deposit, if a mover asks you to do so, then mark it a red flag.

What Methods of Payment Does a Moving Company Accept?

Normally Professional moving companies accepts all payment modes. It is always better to pay through credit card to keep a track, and avoid cash payments. Also ensure you read the moving contractthoroughly before signing so that you don't face any issues on moving day.

How and when Should I Pay for the Move?

Tariff regulations require that all charges be paid in cash, credit card, money order, cashier’s check or travelers check before your shipment is unloaded at its final destination. In case where the charges are being paid by an organization, billing arrangements can be made in advance with proper authorization.

How to Protect from Sub-Standard Movers &Avoid Being Scammed?

A simple internet search will reveal a lot of moving companies, but not all of them may be as professional as they claim. There are many Moving Companies doing honest business, but there are still some companies that indulge in fraudulent means that involve charging extra.

Many people have fallen victims to unethical movers that may hold your belongings hostage or jack up moving costs after loading the truck. Get hold of a Moving Company that have a physical location, website, listed contact number, their own moving equipment and employees. Also check BBB (Better Business Bureau) track record history, if they have been in operation for a long time and has favorable customer reviews. A reliable moving company will be transparent with their company information and policies especially about moving charges and they carry adequate Insurance and proper licenses.

How to Choose a Moving Company?

While you compare moving companies, the most important factor that you may consider is the price of moving and how to choose a mover. You need to remember that a cheaper price may come at the expense of compromising moving services. So along with comparing free moving quotes you also need to compare all the moving services offered by the companies. Professional moving companies will visit your home to better understand the logistics of the move and finally provide you with accurate moving company quotes. Also, you need to check moving companies reviews and ratings which will help you find the mover with good customer manners and provide great service.

Local Movers

When Moving to the next block or anywhere within the state.

Long Distance Movers

Professional Long Distance Movers for your upcoming move.

International Movers

Moving Abroad? Find the Best International Shipping Companies.

Auto Transport

Open Vs Closed Transport, Get Free auto shipping quotes.

Office Movers

Find Reputable and Professional Office Moving experts.

Self Storage

Safe and Secure Self-Storage units for Short or Long term need.

Factors that Affect the Average Cost of Moving:

The Moving Distance & Weight

A move across the street is cheaper than moving across the state or country. Short distance moves can generally be handled within a day, where you will only bear the rental for equipment, movers and moving the truck for a relatively short period of time. While moving cost for long distance moving is higher because movers have to plan the logistics like utilizing the company’s equipment, moving labor, and moving trucks for a longer period of time and more.

Moving Services

Full service moving costs you more than the partial services as they handle every aspect of your move from packing to loading, transportation and unloading to unpacking at your new home including the assembling and disassembling of furniture and taking care of the moving specialty items. You can always reduce your moving cost by opting selective services and handling the rest yourself.

Additional Charges

A few factors that make an additional in the cost of moving are like long carry if trucks cannot come closer, extra moving equipment, special items like arts and antiques, stair carry charges, moving insurance etc.


When you need additional storage temporarily – either before, during or after your move then separate charges will be incurred by you. Note that rates differ from mover to mover.

Moving in Peak Season or off-Peak

Summer is the busiest season with the increase in demand for movers, they charge higher rates, sometimes even double the usual rates during the months June, July, and August. Likewise, moving rates are typically higher on holidays, however booking your moving date in advance, on weekdays, or during other months can help secure a lower price.

The Advantages of Comparing Moving Quotes

Almost all movers would have similar prices so the main advantage of comparing moving company quotes online is that you will get an idea about the average cost to move, which will save you from being overcharged. Another important benefit is that when you get multiple moving quotes to compare them for level of experience, customer service, freebies etc. you can find suspicious offers and not fall prey to unethical movers and moving scams.

How Can I Reduce the Cost of Moving Quotes to Fit My Budget?

Well, this interesting puzzle has a few good solutions that might help you.

1. Get the Best Possible Deal: It's no brainer that the major cost reduction method is finding the cheap but professional movers, for this you can educate yourself with our expert moving tips and guides section.
2. Declutter: First, determine which items are worth moving and which are not and declutter thoroughly because the more weight of the shipment will be, the more money you will have to pay.
3. Partial vs Full Moving Services: If you want to bring down your moving expenses then consider partial packing and moving services. However, this would require impeccable organization and grunt work on your part, so get some friendly help and save.
4. Proper Organizing and Scheduling: They say, 'time is money' which is especially true when you’re planning to move. So, the moment you find the best movers for hire is the moment you should reserve them for your move date.

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