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Get Moving Company Quotes Online & Choose Best Movers

Getting Free Moving Quotes Online from professional moving companies and comparing them to find a reliable moving company to handle your move can be a stressful experience. You probably want to shop around to find the best moving deals, but making lots of inquiries and explaining your moving requirements over and over again to individual moving companies that will undoubtedly take a lot of time and effort on your part. This is where Moversfolder can help you.

We are an online moving portal which helps to make your moving experience easier by availing you Instant Free Moving Company Quotes Online from various licensed, insured and verified moving companies enlisted with us. Whether you are moving your studio apartment, penthouse or an entire home or business, we are the moving portal you need to start with. In short, Moversfolder offers you an easy and practical system, which will make your moving experience more time efficient and cost effective. This revolutionary moving platform lets you save time and money by providing you with a list of moving companies for your move on your own terms. The biggest perk of getting multiple moving quotes online is that you can compare movers, customer reviews and ratings at your own leisure in order to get the lowest possible price for the same service.

We understand that not all moves are same and it is important to compare moving companies quotes. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, we simplify this with our online moving solutions, by filling a simple “Get FREE Moving Quotes” form you can gather all the information needed, that would otherwise take you days. Just tell us what and where you want to move, when it needs to be moved and get moving quotes online from reliable moving companies near you.

Local Moving Quotes

A Local move is when the distance you are moving is less than 50 miles, typically within a state or province. Since a local move requires less time and manpower, the main factor of a local moving cost is moving distance and move size. However, if your move is sizable with lots of cargo, then the local move will require a large team and even multiple days. This is why local movers will generally charge you hourly rates.  These hourly rates vary from movers to movers and so don't be confused and check the number of mover and the size of the moving truck provided in the local moving quotes.

Long Distance Moving Quotes

A long distance move is when the distance you are moving 100 miles or when moving from one state to another but the move happens within the country. The long distance movers generally require significant time and manpower regardless of their size. The prices of a long distance move will be very variable depending on the size of your move and the distance you will travel and several other factors. Even though you can get free long distance moving quotes online, and later moving companies will provide more accurate estimate after evaluating your inventory or after physical onsite survey at your home.

International Moving Quotes

You need international movers when you are crossing any country border. At Moversfolder, you can find various international movers that can provide you with their international shipping rates after considering your moving requirements. The weight or volume of your cargo and the distance of travel are used as the base to calculate your moving cost. These international moving companies will be able to help you with your move by providing you with free moving quote and all the information you need when planning an international move.

Auto Transport Quotes

You hire Auto Transport Companies when you need to move your vehicle. Auto transport quotes are based on several factors like the distance to be moved, the make and model of your car, its condition are just a few variables. At moversfolder, you can find various auto transport companies who offer all-inclusive prices without any hidden fees after accessing your moving requirements.

Office Moving Quotes

When moving your office or business, the distance and size of the move are irrelevant, but office moves usually depend on the type of goods you are transporting. You can find professional office movers at moversfolder, whether you moving down the street or across the country, get your office moving quotes.

Specialty Movers Quotes

when you need to move a special item which are usually beloved and expensive and requires professional handling for moving them you need special movers. For example, if you have a grand piano it is best to get Piano moving quote online to move them.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Moversfolder to Get FREE Moving Quotes

  1. You will certainly receive moving company quotes from licensed, verified and professional moving companies. Our vast network of experienced and trusted movers ensures that you will be getting the best options when it comes to service, efficiency and price.
  2. Using moversfolder to get quotes from movers is incredibly easy. All you need to do is fill in a quick form and that’s it.
  3. You get complete freedom and control while choosing the mover. You can ask moving companies for more details, negotiate your price, and pick only a moving company you are satisfied with. 
  4. You can check the reviews, ratings and overall moving services provided by the moving companies before choosing them.
  5. This service is completely free, you will be able to save your precious time and money by getting moving quotes online from various trusted movers and get the best deals. We aim to make your whole moving experience easy and hassle-free.

How Do You Know That You are Getting an Accurate Moving Estimate?

Many people feel let down, even scammed, when the cost of their movers quote goes beyond the initial estimate they were given. To avoid such situations, you need to consider what type of moving estimate the mover has given before hiring them.

Types of Moving Estimates:

Non-Binding Estimate: The mover will give you a non-binding estimate which is generally provided over the phone. This online moving quote instant gives you an idea of how much it might cost for your move based on the details you provide.
Binding Estimate: A binding estimate is a quote which your mover provides after evaluating your goods with a physical inspection or assessment. The total moving cost in a binding quote will not go beyond the price quoted. 
Not-to-Exceed: Some movers can also provide fixed and guaranteed quotes wherein the moving quote online or you receive physical is fixed and is the actual cost of your move. So to avoid being scammed, make sure you receive written and binding moving estimates before hiring the movers.

Moving Quotes Depends on Several Factors Which Includes:

Moving Distance: A move across the street is cheaper than a moving across the state or country. Short distance moves can generally be handled within one day, so you will only bear the rental for equipment, movers and moving the truck for a relatively short period of time. While moving cost for long distance movers is higher because movers need additional registrations to ensure out of state moves and generally require utilizing the company’s equipment, moving labor, and moving truck for a longer period of time.
Moving Services: Full service moving costs more than partial moving services as they handle every aspect of your move from packing to loading, transportation and unloading to unpacking at your new home including the assembling and disassembling of furniture and taking care of the moving specialty items. You can always reduce your moving cost by opting for selective services of movers and handling the rest yourself.
Size of Move: The Moving cost of a small apartment will be considerably less than that of a large mansion. Also few other factors make an additional in cost of moving like lift accessibility, long carry (when trucks cannot come closer to your door step), extra moving equipment or packing material or services etc.
Packing Cost: When hiring the Movers, be prepared for the cost of packing at source, unpacking at the destination and for assembling and disassembling of large items.
Insurance: While Insurance provides peace of mind, but will add on to your moving quote. A Full Value Protection makes your mover liable to reimburse you with the current cash value of any items lost or damaged during transit.
Storage: When you need additional storage temporarily – either before, during or after your move then separate charges will be incurred by you. Note that rates differ from mover to mover.
Moving in Peak Season or Off-peak: Summer is the busiest season for movers. With the increase in demand for movers in summer, they charge higher rates, sometimes even double the usual rates during the months June, July, and August. Likewise, moving rates are typically higher on holidays, however booking your moving date in advance, on weekdays, or during winter months can help secure a lower price.

How to Check US-DOT number of a Moving Company?

Enter the US DOT number or company name at FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) search and under the section “Search Movers & Complaint History” you can check the details about the moving company.

How do I Avoid Being Scammed by a Mover?

There are many Moving Companies doing honest business, there are still some companies that indulge in fraudulent means that involve charging extra or misplacing goods during transit. Do ensure that the Moving Company is licensed as well as insured. Get hold of a Moving Company that conducts either an in-person inspection or a video survey of your premises before supplying the moving quote, as this ensures that a most accurate estimation of the costs is reached.

How to Choose a Moving Company?

While you compare moving companies, the most important factor that you may consider is the price of moving and how to choose a mover. You need to remember that a cheaper price may come at the expense of compromising moving services. So along with comparing free moving quotes you also need to compare all the moving services offered by the companies. Professional moving companies will visit your home to better understand the logistics of the move and finally provide you with accurate moving quote. Also, you need to check their customer reviews and ratings which will help you find the mover with good customer manner and provides great service.

How to Protect Yourself from Sub-Standard Movers?

A simple internet search will reveal a lot of moving companies near you, but not all of them may be as professional as they claim. Many people have fallen victims to these unethical movers that may hold your belongings hostage or jack up moving costs after loading to the truck. So before hiring a mover to make sure they meet certain criteria so that you can be certain about them being a trustful mover.

A professional moving company will be registered with the Better Business Bureau and has local license for moving household goods as well as from the Department of Transportation for Local and long distance moving respectively. They have a physical location, website, listed contact number, their own moving equipment and employees. Also, check if they have been in operation for a considerable amount of time and has favorable customer reviews. A reliable moving company is transparent with their company information and policies especially about moving charges and they carry adequate Insurance Coverage.

The Advantages of Comparing Moving Companies

Many movers have similar prices so the main advantage of comparing moving companies quotes online is that you will get an idea about the  average cost to move in your area which will help you to avoid being overcharged by a mover. Another important benefit is when you have multiple movers quotes to compare their services offered, level of experience, customer service, freebies etc. Also, while comparing quotes from movers, you can find suspicious offers and not fall prey to unethical movers and thereby avoid being a victim of moving scams.

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