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Moving may be a regular event for you or once in a lifetime. Identifying the cheap movers for all your moving needs is not an easy task. Moversfolder can provide you with some relief by helping you find the best moving companies nearly straight away depending upon your requirements we match your needs and get you instant free moving quotes.

However, there are a lot of scammers out there who will give you one quote and jack up the prices on the D-day. This is where Moversfolder comes in, we aim to build trust, transparency and control all around by empowering the customers as well as the reliable moving companies with the tools that build a fluid communication and handle your relocations efficiently.

What Type of Moving Service Do You Need?

With years of combining experience Moversfolder has built a network of licensed, insured, and professional movers for all your moving needs, whether you are searching for local movers, long distance movers, or international shipping companies, or even special movers, auto transport companies, office movers or self-storage companies we have it all filtered based on your location and service to choose from.

Free moving quotes means that you are free to request as many quotes as you like from the best moving services providers. You don't need to pay anything but it’s very likely you will be able to save on your moving costs and avail top notch moving experience. After receiving moving quotes from various top moving companies directly, you are NOT time-bound and you can take your own time to review and make a decision. After receiving moving quotes through Moversfolder, should you feel that they don’t meet your needs, you’re under no obligation to accept any of the moving quotes.

Begin Your Search for the Best Movers

Once you have decided to move, your next step is to find 'how much does it cost to move' and hire movers. Finding the right moving company for hire can be a daunting experience. With the following suggestions, you can accomplish your search for the best moving company efficiently and successfully.
First and foremost, your immediate focus should be on what type of Moving services you need for your relocation. There are several different specialties that Moving Companies service and you need to find the one that best serves your specific moving needs and additional service requirements like packing and crating etc.

A. Where are you Moving to?

The answer to this particular question immediately narrows your choice about the Types of Moves and Moving Companies in a significant manner. Are you moving:
  • To another address within your current neighborhood?
  • To another neighborhood within the same city? (You Need Local Movers)
  • To another city within the same state? (You need Long Distance Movers)
  • To another state? (You need Interstate Movers)
  • To another country? (You need International Movers)
Now that you have defined the type of Moving Company that you need, you can do a much more relevant search.

B. How Do You Determine Reliable Movers?

You certainly want all your belongings moved in a professional and expeditious manner.  This is why it is important to make sure that the moving companies you are planning to hire are reliable and trustworthy. The best way to find reliable movers is by personal recommendation. Start asking friends, family, colleagues, etc. about their experiences with professional moving companies. This is the very best source for both positive and negative information about movers. Additional valuable sources for reliable movers about their licenses and complaints are Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Attorney General Websites for all 50 states.

C. How Much Budget do You Have in Mind for Hiring Movers?

You can find top notch movers at any price range. However, you need to decide the specific Moving Services you require or desire. Like, do you want the full-service moving company to do the packing for you or do you want to buy moving boxes and do the packing yourself? There are pros and cons of both choices.


When you are on a budget, you would probably look for the cheapest way to move furniture locally and choose to buy the packing materials yourself,  pack all your belongings yourself and hire budget movers, only to load and move and unload your belongings. This way you can save a significant amount of money. On the plus side, with Self-packing moving, you know precisely what went into each box and in which room the box belongs in the new house.

You can follow your own special habits and ways of packing and unpacking, and you can hire budget moving companies to handle just the actual move (loading, driving and unloading). On the other side, Self-packing moving, of course, requires a tremendous amount of time and effort on your part.


Full-Service Movers will take care of all your moving needs. From planning to packing to driving to unpacking at your new destination, they handle every intricacy of your move.  This will, naturally, cost more, but it relieves you of all the moving work and thereby reduces stress. This is another great advantage of hiring the full service moving companies. You may not have considered this important benefit of Full Service Moving Companies.

Liability: If you do self packing and there is breakage of a few items during the transition, then it is difficult to place the blame on the moving company. They might very well claim that "it wasn't packed correctly". However, If the mover accomplishes 100% of the moving job, packing, moving and unpacking, and there is breakage, then the responsibility for the loss is indisputably the fault of the movers.

Moving Appliances: You may think that you are capable of handling entire packing yourself, but what about packing your heavy appliances like TVs, washing machines, dryers, etc that are rather expensive. You need expert appliance movers help plus premium supplies with which these items are handled with care and they are equipped to finish the job on time. What's more, if your fridge or any other appliance is old and might not survive the move, you can consider disposing of them. Professional appliance moving companies handle everything from padding, packing, handling to recycling and disposal in accordance with the law.

Moving Furniture: Packing your bulky and heavy furniture requires planning and execution as you may even need to disassemble them first. Without having proper knowledge and equipment, you could end up making costly errors. Furniture movers have the knowledge and they use the best methods and techniques to disassemble and pack your furniture with the utmost precision and care. Professional & experienced furniture moving companies bring in all the necessary equipment, tools required, pay special attention to every detail.

Lastly, Start your search for affordable movers early and know how much does it cost to move across country. Book your moving job as far in advance as possible. Do your research, find the top notch movers with the help of Moversfolder and be assured that they can fit you into their moving schedule.

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Looking for cheap movers that you can trust? Moversfolder can assist. Using our platform, you can get free moving company quotes within a matter of 60 seconds. Comparing these quotes will certainly help you find the most affordable moving companies for your move. Not only will you be able to find and compare the best moving companies based on price, but also you can read about what previous customers have to say as well via our customer testimonials section, which is very informative. All the Best & We Wish You Happy Relocation!

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