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What is a Long Distance Move?

Any move to another state or is more than 100 miles within the state is considered to be a long distance move that requires a lot of organization, time, effort, and even paperwork, among other things, while local movers are pretty simplistic and straight-forward which can be accomplished in a few hours.

Types of Long Distance Moves:

1. Intrastate Moves: A move or moving distance that is more than 50-100 miles away from the pickup point to the destination but within the same state is an intrastate move.

2. Interstate Moves A move that is more than 50-100 miles away from the Origin point but crosses the state line i.e., moving from one state to another state is an interstate move.
Intrastate moves are much easier than the latter one. If you are moving within the state, then you can hire licensed intrastate movers near you, but if you are planning to move to another state, then you require a licensed and insured Interstate moving company. Remember, not all Long distance moving companies are interstate movers.

Hence it is important to check whether the long distance moving company has valid license and proper insurance to operate out of the state moves before hiring them. A reputable interstate moving company also figures in the US-DoT (United States Department of Transportation) white list and all its vehicles would have the USDoT number displayed on trucks, which means they have the permission to provide interstate relocation services.

How to find the Best Long Distance Movers Near You?

Moving is time-consuming and stressful, but nothing compares to the menace of organizing a long distance move. Anyone who has ever moved long distance surely knows the annoyance and general difficulty involved in transporting the belongings to a new home safely. It's not just about setting your new life among new people and surroundings, but about the move itself. While anyone can help you pack up your belongings and transport them using truck rentals, but professional long distance movers take things a step beyond simply transporting your Stuff.

These Moving Companies for Long Distance will not only help you pack your stuff but also ensure that everything is secured from breaking during the entire moving process. Many long distance movers offer a full range of moving services, wherein they will not only transport your belongings but also pack, load them and later unload and unpack at the destination for you. With experience and expertise, these long distance movers would take care of every possible loose end that might come up along the way.

How Much Does a Long Distance Move Cost?

Unlike local movers who often charge on the basis of time taken to complete the move, long distance movers determine their prices based on the weight of shipment and the distance of your move. Remember, every item that you move would add to the final price, so if you want to cut the moving cost, then move less stuff. If you have a lot of bulky and heavier items that you have not used for a long time, then consider to dispose them before moving. You can either sell them or donate them to charity, or even leave them for the next people to live in your home, as long as they accept.

Note that the average long distance moving cost varies as per your needs, whether services like packing is required, the delivery window you choose (exclusive or non-exclusive), and also your destination city and state.

Get Fair & Accurate Long Distance Moving Quotes

When you are looking for the cheapest way to move across country and call around for long distance moving quotes, it is possible that you would probably miss out on a lot of critical information which could further have a huge impact on your moving cost. This is where comes in, we aim to help you connect with the experienced and cheap long distance moving companies in the fastest and easiest way.

Experience the unmatched moving services by comparing the best moving companies for long distance for your upcoming move. Just fill out our online “Get FREE Moving Quotes” request form with your basic move details, and then the most eligible long distance movers who match your unique moving needs with excellent prices and customer service will compete for your moving job. The request takes less than a minute, and is completely free without any obligation to accept any offer until you are satisfied. Also, you would instantly get an idea on the average cost to move across country.

Compare Long Distance Moving Quotes & Save!

Numerous factors affect long distance moving costs, which is why different moving companies calculate their moving quotes at their own discretion, making it difficult to obtain accurate moving estimates. This is why the best way to move cross country is by comparing multiple moving quotes, with potential savings of up to 40% on your total moving costs.

Moving is a multi-factorial endeavor, and we understand that even the best-laid plan-of-action can go slightly awry. So make sure after gathering cross country moving quotes using, arrange an in-person inspection to let the moving company professional estimator to assess all the belongings that you want to move and understand your moving requirements in detail.

Along with getting free moving quotes, you can also check their license and insurance details, offered services, customer ratings and reviews, which will further help you on how to choose a mover. Our experts will also guide you on various moving subjects like to find the cheapest way to move across the country, and also enable you to be organized and clear-headed, which will eventually make your move immensely simpler. Starting a new life at a new place always feels great, but doing so with such some savings will be truly grand.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance?

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of a household long distance relocation is $4,300 (based on 7,400-pound average moving weight). However, there is no fixed amount for interstate moves as the specific dollar amount will vary widely depending on the kind of move you want, where you’re moving to, how much you have to move, the moving company itself, and the time of the year etc.

The Kind of Moving Services You Choose can be Expensive or Cheap - Let Your Budget Decide

Full Service Moves

These types of moves typically include a professional moving team to pack and load your belongings at your current residence and will later unload at your new location. Most moving companies offering full-service moves charge more due to the wide range of services they provide.

Partial Moving Services

Most long distance movers also offer partial moving services, wherein you pack all your belongings except the fragile and heavy furniture items which the movers can take care of. The movers will then load, move and unload them to your destination, and you handle unpacking yourself.

Self-Service Moves

With this type of move, you pack and load all your stuff in a rented container dropped at your doorstep. The company will then drive the moving container to your new location where you unload everything yourself.

Truck Rentals

Of course you can rent a moving truck from a moving company and do the packing, loading, and driving yourself, which is probably the cheapest moving option, but it requires lots of planning, organizing, and hard work from you. Check out our How to Choose A Right Moving Truck moving tip.


The moving distance and the truck accessibility to the door-step at your old and new house location could increase or decrease your moving costs.

How Much You Have to Move

For example, someone moving an entire 3-bedroom home is going to have a lot more stuff than someone moving a one-bedroom apartment or condo. When you’re on a tight budget, consider selling some unused furniture and other items, this way you can significantly reduce the weight which means reducing the overall moving costs.

When You Want Move

When it comes to moving, certain times of the year are more expensive or cheaper. During the summer months, which is considered as peak moving season, you are expected to pay more. On the other hand, Off-season moving means there are fewer people to move, which means you will most likely pay less.

Be aware of Miscellaneous Costs

There are plenty of hidden costs (flight charges, long haul charges, toll taxes, misc. fees etc.) that might be applicable to your move and you need to be aware of them all. For example, if the distance from the trunk to your door exceeds a specific distance some movers will charge an additional fee.

Uncomplicate your Move with the Best Moving Companies

Moving to the other side of the country isn't easy as it takes both an emotional and physical toll on people. You can simplify your move by hiring the best cross country movers who can organize the entire moving process. These cross country moving and storage companies have all the requisite equipment and have trained staff to ensure that all your belongings are properly packed and inventoried, secured thoroughly in the moving truck to endure the long distance travel.

There are enough worries to contend with when it comes to cross country moving, so don’t let finding the best movers be one of them. When your move takes you from coast-to-coast, from north-to-south, or reaching your destination requires any combination of state-to-state routes across the heartland of America, then this type of move is challenging and requires proper organization.

Simplify Your Move With the Best Interstate Movers

Moving to another state doesn’t have to be extremely stressful, let us help you find the best interstate moving companies. These experienced Interstate moving professionals will take care of all the moving details so you can enjoy the change of scenery.

In the moving industry, your move will be considered as an interstate move if you have to cross from one state line to another, or multiple state lines on the way. Since cross state movers spend more time on roads due to long distance and hence accept a considerable risk and responsibility while moving your belongings, and recommend you to insure your shipment.

State to State Movers generally charge by total weight of your shipment and the distance. Also, due to multiple toll booths, it will further increase in the total moving cost. For more information, please check our moving tip on how much does it cost to move across country.

Long Distance Moves: Know All That It Entails

Moving with households is a very complicated and detailed process, there is nothing cut and dry about it. It becomes even more complex especially when shopping around for a moving company to move long distance across the country.

A long distance move has all the elements that could be a source of worry. Along with a list of tasks involved, there is a deadline. Each move is different from the previous one because the places, the type and number of goods to transport will be different. Suddenly you have to uproot everything which was set up over years and entrust all your prized possessions to a moving company. Everything has to be packed and suddenly you seem to have more things than you ever thought you had. While nothing can possibly eliminate the stress of moving but if done in a planned way, it can be a happy experience.

We, at, understand how stressful a long distance move could be and therefore aims to help you with all the nitty-gritty so that you can carry out your long distance move with minimum botheration. Our moving guides will inform you about a lot of moving tips, facts, and pointers that you need to be aware of before moving.

How Our FREE Moving Quotes Process Works for You?

Once you know what, when and where you are moving, you can start searching for the best long distance movers for your move. You can begin your search here at who will match your tailor-made moving requirements with its comprehensive database of professional moving companies nationwide to get you cheap moving deals.

All Long distance moving companies must have proper license and insurance like the United States Department of Transportation (US-DoT) number and an Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier (ICC MC) number (for older companies). There are also regulations required by each individual state, and the long distance movers must be licensed in each state they operate. In addition to licensing, each company should have the proper insurance required by state laws they operate in.

Streamline your Move with Us at Exclusive Prices

National moving companies are usually nationally known moving company chains that perform intrastate, interstate, and even international moves. They don't just operate in a city or a state of origin but have a wide network to handle nationwide moves throughout the United States. These Nationwide Movers would have all the necessary equipment and experienced staff to handle bigger and complicated moves along with offering extensive moving services. Their wide range of services include full or partial packing and moving services, moving specialty items like piano, storage services, auto transport, providing moving supplies and much more.

No matter where you are heading in the nation and whether you are looking for movers for out of state or country, can help you find the professionals moving companies that you can trust. Whether you are moving an individual, a family or employees, you can easily locate our pre-verified movers across the country who possess all the equipment, expertise and know how to move to another state without any hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Know About Packing for A Long Distance Move?

As your move approaches, start by creating a list of all the belongings you are planning to move. Since your household goods will be traveling a long distance, it is important to take extra care when packing them. So while packing your clothes, use wardrobe boxes for suits, coats, and other items that need to be kept hanging. Your more durable clothing items can be folded and packed into boxes. Shoes should be packed in their original box. Don’t forget to label all boxes.

It may be best if you let professional long distance movers wrap up and pack your furniture and other large items. You might also want to have your movers handle your antiques and artwork as they have more experience and expertise in moving all such items securely.

Before loading all your stuff onto the moving truck, the moving company will prepare a Household Goods Descriptive Inventory document, which lists all of your belongings and their condition prior to the move. The movers will then ask you to review this list and sign it before your items are moved.

What Kind of Moving Insurance Do I Need?

When moving long distances, it is a good idea to have all your belongings insured. Even if you hire the best moving company, moving is an unpredictable job and hence, there is still the chance that your household goods can be damaged as they are packed up, when they are on the road, and as they are being brought into your new house.

Although it is extremely rare, there is the possibility of a total loss of your goods, whether due to theft, fire, or natural disaster. Therefore, it is imperative that you should get moving insurance to protect your goods from the wear and tear involved in a move and from the possibility of something worse.

Types of Moving Insurance:

Free Liability Coverage: This type of coverage is free and the protection is minimal. The liability under this option is no more than 60 cents per pound per article, which is certainly not enough.

Full Value Protection:With this coverage, your items are covered for $6.00/lb per item. It can be purchased from your movers and there might also be a deductible that varies from company to company.

Third-Party Moving Insurance: Many Insurance companies offer different coverage options like lump sum coverage or replacement value coverage with different deductible levels. You can either find a company to insure your move on your own, or you can use one affiliated with your moving company.

When Will My Shipment Be Delivered?

Your delivery window will depend on the distance to be traveled and whether you chose an exclusive or consolidated delivery option. While most exclusive deliveries take 1-3 days ( if you are moving to a neighboring state) or more, consolidated delivery service can take anywhere from 2-24 business days. Talk to your long distance movers to get a better idea about this.

What Should I Do When the Shipment Arrives At Destination?

Once the moving truck arrives at your home, instruct the long distance movers on where they should put your furniture and other large items. After all your belongings are unloaded, inspect them for any damages that may have occurred during transit. If everything is in good condition, you can sign the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory. Make sure to check everything because if you notice some damage after signing, it can be difficult to file a claim and be compensated by your moving company.

How to Choose a Long Distance Moving Company?

While choosing the best long distance movers for your move, the following points will ensure that you won’t regret your choice.

Request and Compare: Compare Long Distance Moving Quotes for the same type of moving services to get the best prices and avoid overspending, you need to compare at least three to five moving company quotes that match your moving needs and budget.

Look for Companies with the Proper Credentials and Licenses: The best out of state moving companies who meet a certain standard of safety and financial responsibility will be registered with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and must have US-DoT number to operate interstate moves.

Ask Friends and Family Recommendations for Movers to Another State: Hearing first-hand accounts and moving experiences from people you trust is a great way to review any long distance moving company.

Arrange an In-house Survey: To get accurate and binding Moving Company Quotes, you need to get your belongings inspected from moving representative, discuss packing, protection and various other service options and thereby customize your moving package as per your needs. These in-house surveys usually free of charge and benefit both you and the movers.

How Much Do Movers Cost: The cost of hiring long distance moving and storage companies depends on several factors like Your moving distance, Weight and volume of your belongings, Accessibility of home for the moving trucks, timing of your move, extra moving services that you request such as packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly and/or re-assembly, and so on.

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