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The Best Cheap Moving Companies of 2022

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Moving is a long, tiring and chaos-filled process that can exhaust you. It requires joint efforts and outstanding teamwork from friends, family and professional assistance from movers. Since, relocating to a new place is a stressful job, we make it simple and convenient for you to find the cheap movers near you, no matter the type of comprehensive services you are looking for, from local moving companies to long-distance moving companies, from interstate moving companies to international shipping companies, and from office movers to auto transport companies, we are here to help you save your time and money. has aligned itself with a large network of professional but cheap moving companies who adhere to the highest standards of quality parameters. By cheap, we mean reasonably priced, not unreliable spammers or low-quality service providers. Let's find out how you can accomplish this arduous task without messing up your budget. However, with a few cost-saving techniques and proper research, you can still pull it off by finding reliable and cheap moving companies near you.

Not only this, takes care of all your special moving needs too by availing you free moving quotes from various specialty movers like Piano movers, Arts and Antique Movers, Boat & Yacht Movers, Motorcycle movers and others. Along with moving, if you want to store your belongings for a short or long term before, during or after the move, or for some specified period of time, you can find self-storage companies here at and obtain free storage quotes for your storage needs.

Get Local or Long Distance Moving Quotes from Cheap Moving Companies Near You!

Getting multiple moving quotes online prior to making a decision will give you an opportunity to compare mover quotes for both price and services and will ensure that you are not paying more the average moving costs or missing out on some complementary services or other useful additional options that perhaps you may not have considered. Fill in your request with a simple form and obtain multiple movers quotes from various trusted and cheap moving companies near you for NO-COST whatsoever. can provide you with the peace of mind you need by offering you easy access to cheap movers who can help you with all kind of moving services right from packing to logistics that you need for your local, long distance, or international move. You don't have to chase around anymore, they will contact you back directly and send their moving quotes online to your preferred email or postal address. You can even schedule an on-site survey with the moving companies for more accurate moving estimates and then compare them at your own leisure and save money on your upcoming move and related moving and storage services.

Nearby Cheap Moving Companies in Your Area

There is more to locating cheap movers than simply looking in the Yellow Pages or doing a google search like "moving companies near me". At least this is true when you want professional movers and not just a couple of guys with a rented truck. Too many people have made this mistake, often thinking they can cut the corners by hiring a friend of a friend without even meeting them. They share the grief of broken, damaged or lost furniture after moving. Sometimes they even end up with a lawsuit for an injury that the movers got hurt while hauling your furniture. Truth be told. It is not worth the hassle or the risk. simplifies this dilemma by connecting you with professional and affordable moving companies near you. And this is achieved by encouraging healthy competition among moving companies, rather than cutting any corners. With Moversfolder, you can find affordable moving companies that have the knowledge and experience to move your belongings safely and efficiently so you can relax and enjoy moving to your new home.

What is the Cheapest Moving Company?

When we say, the cheapest moving company, it does not mean that you need to accept anything less than professional behavior and experienced workers. There might be companies who claim to offer the cheapest rates only to charge you exorbitantly later or might send one experienced mover along with two hired hands for the day. This is a huge risk and you should never hire such companies.

Cheapest moving companies should possess a proper license and insurance and must have positive reviews. Now, let's find out how can you strike the beneficial balance between affordability and professionalism, and find cheap moving services.

Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

Wondering whether you should handle the move yourself and skip the trouble of finding affordable moving services? While this might be true for a small move with a couple of boxes and no special or delicate items, it's certainly not worth, if it’s a big move with lots of boxes and heavy furniture. Here are a few reasons why you need Movers for Hire.
  1. Experienced team who can handle the complete moving process
  2. Professional packing for all your possessions
  3. Quicker moving process
  4. Proper moving equipment to relocate all your belongings safely
  5. Dismantling and reassembling
  6. Appliances Service
  7. No Risk of potential injury
  8. Moving Insurance to protect your belongings during transit.
  9. Free time to finish other important tasks.

How to Find Cheap Moving Companies?

When searching for a cheap moving company, it is important to research and look for several pieces of information. First, check whether the company has a website, take a look and make sure they have a physical address and their license information. While professional local moving companies abide by their state's license requirement, whereas long distance movers are governed by federal law and must possess a USDoT number.

You can verify the authenticity of this number by visiting the FMCSA website and check the moving company's profile with license and insurance details, along with complaint history or track record. Furthermore, check whether they are the members of reputable moving organizations like AMSA and BBB, which will solidify their authenticity. Lastly, check the mover's reviews on reliable sites such as BBB, Thumbtack, Yelp or

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How Much Does a Moving Company Cost Per Hour?

Prices are the most powerful deciding factor, especially when you are moving on a tight budget. On your quest for moving as cheaply as possible, you should not just accept the lowest bid. Rather look closely and try to figure out the reasons for that lower price, check whether the cheap moving quotes include the charges for all the additional moving services that you require. Lastly, always read the fine print and ask your hiring movers about anything you don't understand.

Local movers usually charge on an hourly basis, and the average hourly rate is around $50-$70 per hour per mover. This rate depends on your location and the moving company itself. So, the approximate local moving cost for different house sizes, considering there are no additional services or extra charges are:
  1. Studio Apartment: $300-$420 (2 movers who might tale 3 hours to finish the job)
  2. 2-bedroom Apartment:  $900-$1260 (3 movers who might tale 6 hours to finish the job)
  3. 3-bedroom Apartment:  $1600-$2240 (4 movers who might tale 8 hours to finish the job)
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Find Cheapest Local Moving Companies

Finding cheap local movers is the best way to cut down your moving costs. Local moving companies usually offer a greater degree of flexibility and range of services than large companies, which can take the pressure off the moving process.

To find the cheapest local moving companies, use our no-obligation free moving quotes service. This way you would be connected with multiple local movers in one hit and by comparing their prices and overall services, you can also find the cheapest moving options for your Customized and Unique moving needs.

Find Cheapest Long Distance Moving Companies

Moving long distance is stressful enough, without adding budget constraints to it. But with deposits, conveyance fees, buying necessary items for your new home, it becomes important that you look for ways to save as much money as possible. The biggest expense being hiring long distance movers. This is where comes in to help you find the cheap long distance moving companies, by providing you with multiple long distance moving quotes. All you have to do is fill out a simple quotation form and save up to 40℅ on your moving budget. Moving estimates are provided absolutely with No-obligation, you can refuse the offers that you are not satisfied with and hire a moving company of your choice.
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Find Best International Moving Companies

With international moves, not only the actual move is challenging, but there are many difficult tasks involved like, handling many administrative procedures, language barrier, logistics management etc. This is why it is important to hire professional overseas shipping experts to assist you. When looking for the cheapest International moving companies, it’s essential to compare multiple shipping quotes to get the best price. This also confirms that you choose the one that fulfil all your shipping requirements.

Compare Moving Quotes Online and Save up to 40% with

Professional moving companies are able to handle different tasks. This means all your moving needs will be taken care of no matter the circumstances. From local or long distance movers to full service cross country movers, you can find them all at And to find the cheapest moving companies with the level of service that matches your budget, compare moving company quotes and avail the best offer.

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