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Why Hire Daytona Beach Movers With Real Employees

Moving is a stressful time and the men who are tasked to help you finish the move have a dangerous job. This is why it is important to make sure that you are working with a licensed and insured moving company so that you do not expose yourself to any additional liability. There are few Daytona Beach Movers who hire subcontractors to staff their moving crews. This way many movers offer lower estimates because they have no one to pay taxes for, unemployment insurance or workers’ compensation. 

Who are Subcontractors?

An individual that the moving company hires to perform some aspect of the move like a driver or a mover, or both. However, these individuals are not employees of the moving company and so they pay their own expenses, health insurance, benefits, etc.

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The following reasons explain why it is important to know whether your moving company uses employees or subcontractors and whether or not they have all proper insurances in place.

  • One of the biggest issues with the subcontractor is the uncertainty factor. They may be professional and experienced enough to handle your job or maybe not. And you have no way of knowing this until they arrive on a moving day. If they are not experienced or skilled for the job, your move can very soon turn into a nightmare.
  • While qualified movers in Fort Myers have the proper equipment and know-how to do the job quickly which will help you to save money on the move itself, however, there’s no such guarantee with subcontractors.
  • Since subcontractors are not employees, they are not bound to follow the company’s guidelines, policies, or rules or hold themselves to the same standards as employees might.
  • If any of your belongings are broken, damaged or stolen, the company is not responsible for the actions of a subcontractor. That means you have to go after a guy who is making $10/hr instead of the moving company.
  • If a subcontractor is injured during the job while moving you, he has no insurance coverage then it is you – the homeowner – who can be held liable for all medical costs unless the employee is covered by workers compensation insurance. Hospital bills for serious accidents can be extraordinarily expensive and homeowner’s insurance policies normally exclude such injuries.
  • Even though nobody likes taxes, it is our duty, to be honest, and pay them. With subcontractors, there is no way to know if they are paying their fair share.

Subcontractors have no unemployment benefits so when the moving business is slow they may fall back on public assistance paid for by the rest of us.

During peak season, many moving companies use Subcontractors due to the overflow of jobs. So, you need to ask your movers upfront whether they use subcontractors. If yes and you want to deal with them then make sure to ask subcontractors details so that you can check yourself, whether they are fully insured and who will be responsible for settling claims if required.

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