Cheap Long Distance Movers

What to Expect From The Cheap Long Distance Movers Near You

You have decided to do the sensible thing and hire movers for your relocation job. You have used Moversfolder to find the cheap long distance movers and get free moving quotes from them and after comparing them and found the right mover for you. But what now? What happens on a moving day? To get answers to these questions to learn what to expect from professional movers.

Best long distance movers are always are on time

The best long distance movers will always be at your home at a pre-agreed time and place. They could be late because of certain circumstances which are beyond their control like traffic jams or accidents. The moving truck in which they arrive should be large enough to hold all your belongings and be clearly marked with the company name and their USDOT number. The driver after introducing himself and the rest of the crew will provide you with all the required documents like the order of service, valuation, etc. Make sure to read these documents carefully and confirm the details of the move are explicitly stated as previously agreed. 

Prepare your items for moving

If you have hired full-service movers, they will take care of all the packing of belongings with proper packing materials and boxes. They will also label and mark each box properly. If any furniture needs to be disassembled, they will take care of it with proper tools and skill, wrap it with protective covers, tag it and make ready for the move.

They will also take precautionary measures to prevent property damage by using carpet protectors, plywood sheets, and moving blankets to protect your floors, carpets, stairways, banisters, etc. from scratches, dents, and dirt. This will also reduce the risk of tripping and falling while hauling heavy items around.

Load the Moving Truck

Next, your movers will load up the moving truck with all your belongings by carefully positioning and securing them in the truck to prevent damage due to shifting during transit. Before the truck leaves make sure to do a final walkthrough of your house to make sure nothing has been left behind.

They take Inventory

Even though you have provided a detailed inventory to your movers while getting free moving company quotes, the movers will conduct a walk-through of your home and prepare a written inventory of all the items that you are moving. They will assign an inventory number to each of them after assessing the condition of every object. While giving a walkthrough, make sure to point out the breakable special items which needs to be handled with care and also indicate all the items that are not to be loaded on the moving truck.

Move to your new Home

Once everything is loaded, the driver will give you bill of lading that lays out all of the conditions of your move and confirms the performed services, valuation, expected date of delivery, and final cost of your move. Make sure you read it carefully before signing it. Provide the driver your contact details and new address and get the driver’s name and number to be safe. This is also the time when you tip the movers if you are happy with their services.

Unload and deliver your belongings

The moving company truck when arrives at your new home, the movers will unload all your belongings and place them in their designated places. Now it’ll be up to you to check them against the inventory list and make sure nothing is damaged or missing. If you have hired services, the best long distance movers will unpack boxes, reassemble your furniture, connect appliances and electronics, and dispose of all the discarded packing materials.

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