Cheapest Way to Move Furniture Locally

While arranging new furniture in your new home may be exciting and fun, but moving them isn’t. Bulky furniture items and kitchen appliances are difficult to move and require a considerable amount of time and effort to do so. While experienced movers are the best solution, it doesn’t come as a shock that most people are looking for the cheapest way to move furniture locally. Keep reading to know your options.

DIY Moving with a Small Truck, Trailer or a Cargo Van

When you are moving just a few pieces of furniture, then the cheapest way to move furniture locally is probably doing it by yourself by renting either a small moving truck. Renting a cargo van or even a trailer attachment will work if the furniture you are planning to move is not very large. If you have a few bulky furniture, then you should prefer renting a moving truck, along with moving equipment like a dolly, straps etc which you will need to lift and move your furniture.

Get your friends to help you with this move, since it cannot be accomplished alone. Moving truck rental also offers insurance coverage that covers the physical damage of the rented truck and even your liability if you cause bodily injury or property damage to another. Consider getting them for your move. 

Another thing you need to remember is if you are moving any special item like a piano, boat, antiques, bathtub etc., then it is better to hire specialty movers than trying to handle these valuable items yourself and causing damage to them. 

Renting a Moving Container

Moving containers can also be considered as the cheapest way to move furniture locally as it costs considerably lower than hiring professional local movers. This method will work especially well if you are moving to a new apartment with considerably low space where these moving containers can double as storage units. Just find the right size of moving container which is large enough to fit all the furniture items that you are planning to move, pack it at your own convenience and the company will deliver it to your new home.

Hire Specialized Local Movers to Move Furniture Locally

The easiest albeit expensive way to move furniture locally is using the services of professional local movers that specializes in a small move. From moving a few pieces of your furniture to special items to your entire household, these movers are equipped to do all the heavy lifting and handle the move entirely. If you don’t have time and energy to handle the move or if you are bulky, fragile or old furniture, then hiring experienced furniture mover is the way to go.

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