Local Moving Quotes

With so many things to consider and take care of, the last thing you need is the surprise of extra added moving costs on a moving day. But if you know about the different aspects that moving companies use while creating local moving quotes, it might help you in avoiding scam and will allow you to save money on your upcoming move.

Size and Weight of your Belongings: This is the primary factor that moving companies use to make local moving quotes online. Generally, the more items you want to move, the more charges you need to pay because it will take a longer time for loading and unloading items. Also, remember that a  larger move will require a large moving truck, which further adds up to the moving cost. And if you have any special items like a piano or a pool table, make sure to inform your movers prior to the move, since moving such items require skilled labours and equipment which will increase your moving cost. 

Pick-up and Drop-Off Accessibility: Moving companies tend to add extra charges in your local moving quotes online, in case of difficulty in accessing your property. Some accessibility issues include

  • Stairs- If there is no elevator and you require your movers to carry your stuff up and down the flight of stairs, then you are required to pay flight charges. 
  • Long haul charges: If the distance between the moving truck and your house is greater, then moving companies will charge a long haul fee for that. Your local moving quotes online usually specify the maximum distance the movers will carry your belongings before they will charge you extra for this. In case it is not listed, ask them to determine the distance. 

Storage: This is a common reason for increasing moving quotes. If your home is not ready yet, and you need to stay in a temporary house then you can consider using a storage facility offered by moving companies, which results in an additional fee. 

Packing: Local movers are getting paid for their time. Moving services like packing and unpacking take more time and eventually adds up to your moving costs. You can choose to hire movers to pack everything, or you can opt for partial service where the movers handle the packing of only the fragile and heavy furniture items. While local movers charge based on per hour basis for packing, others do charge by per item or offer you a flat rate. In any case, you have to pay for moving boxes, packing material, bubble wrap, and more. So, pack up your light stuff yourself to save money. 

Time of year: When you are moving during peak season, i.e., summers, you are expected to pay more because of the higher demand. If possible, try to avoid moving during the peak season moving to save money on your move.

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