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Whether you’re undertaking the entire move yourself or enlisting the help of professional movers, you’ll certainly want to know how much will your move cost and how can you save money on your move. Also, if you are planning to pack yourself then you must be wondering how you can stay organized and tackle packing easily. To help you with this dilemma, you can turn to these valuable online websites and tools that can help you with getting moving quotes online, get deals on your move and even help you stay organized through it all.

Get Free Moving Quotes Online

The first step in your hunt for the best movers is to get free moving company quotes. With Moversfolder, you won’t encounter any messy process. Just fill out a simple form with your moving details and get moving quotes online from multiple moving companies right in your inbox. Now you can compare these quotes at your own time.

Tools to Help you Find Reliable Moving Services

Online tools can also be some of the best resources when it comes to researching and learning about what moving mistakes should you avoid. You can use Moversfolder’s database to find moving companies’ details and their online review to do research on moving & storage companies you’re considering to hire and request for moving quotes online.

Better Business Bureau

If you’re hiring professional movers, checking out the BBB is a must. The BBB is an objective resource that assigns quality ratings to moving companies of all types. If customers have had complaints about a certain mover, the BBB looks into the complaints and discloses how that company handled disputes.

Special Deals, Discounts & Coupons Etc.,

Who doesn’t want to save money while moving? Online good coupon clearing houses especially when you are hiring cheap long distance movers are RetailMeNot and Movepak. You can also check daily deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial, as they specialize in giving local businesses a chance to reach more customers by offering incredible deals. Lastly, you can also find a deal occasionally at websites that rate local services, such as Kudzu.

Online Tools for Packing Help

YouTube is an excellent how-to resource when it comes to online tools for packing help. If you want to learn how to pack every room in your house efficiently, identify the best packing supplies and get easy, step-by-step instruction, then check Moversfolder Moving tips section.

As for track of everything you pack with digital efficiency, you can use moving tools like Moving Van which is one of the best for packing help. This app helps you to track how many boxes you pack and what goes into them.

Tools to Keep you Plan & Organised

It is important to stay organised while both packing and moving. This is why you need to use Moversfolder’s Ultimate checklist which will remind you of things to do. You can also use an online moving calendar app that lets you input all of your important dates and deadlines.

Learn More about How to Choose a Mover at Moversfolder!

Just logon to Moversfolder (for all your local or long distance moving needs) and learn more about our expert tips and guides for safe moving under the moving-tips section and understand the moving process and charges etc., which may help you save upto 40% on your moving costs.

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