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Tips to Pack Electronics Before Your Movers in West Palm Beach Arrive

Almost every residence today has more than a few electronic appliances. The kitchen alone usually utilizes a number of electronic items, like microwaves, freezers and so on. From televisions, music players to computers, laptops, printers, all come under this category and since all of them are expensive as well as fragile, you need to be extra careful while packaging them and preparing them for transit so that your movers in West Palm Beach can move them. Since moving electronic equipment is quite a large facet of moving for most people,  a systematic method and the following tips can help you.

Make a detailed inventory

Start with making a detailed list of all the electronic items that you are moving (a digital list will be helpful). Keep this list separate from your master list. Take pictures of the wiring system of all the equipment before you start removing them and packing them. Once done name each image properly and attach them with the inventory. This will help you systematically unpack and rewire all your electronic items.

Unplug before you pack

Firstly, it is usually advised that you unplug any cables from your appliances (like computers) before you pack them. This will make sure your cables are not damaged during the move. Also, never forget to make certain that any appliance is unplugged from the power source before you begin to remove any cables. 

Pack in origin boxes

If you have saved original boxes and packing materials, use them to pack the equipment with all of its cables in their box, and then label each box clearly.

Wrap, tie and label cables

Nearly all electronic appliances come with detachable cables, many of which are not readily identifiable. For example, it is not hard to mix up the plug for your stereo with that of your electric kettle, and vice-versa. Think of getting to your new home and removing all your stuff from its packing, only to realize that you have with loads of cables that have no identifiable features. This is why you need to wrap each cord properly then use rubber bands or baggie twist-ties to secure the wrapped cords and fasten labels to your cables making use of either a marker or a paper tag.

Use good Packing materials

Make sure that you have a good supply of packaging materials to adequately protect your equipment during movement. Cram the boxes with shock-absorbing materials like bubble wrap or foam, and ensure that each box is securely fastened.

Proper Labels for your Movers in West Palm Beach

Write noticeable arrows on the outer part of the box, which will hopefully stop your movers from upturning it accidentally. It is a good idea to mark ‘fragile’ prominently on all of the sides of the box, which should prevent anyone from dropping or throwing your devices around while the move is taking place.

While the above tips may help you, it is always better to hire a professional to help you deal with your expensive electronics. To find the best movers who can make your moving experience as smooth as possible, visit Moversfolder. This efficient online service will help you get free Local Moving Quotes only from licensed and insured movers.

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