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Moving is considered among one of the top stressors that a person can experience in a lifetime. So, while it might be tempting to contact the first moving company that pops up on your google search result, you need to be smarter about it.  Like you spend hours and shop around to get the best shoes or clothes or any other item, you should be perceptive and compare moving quotes to find the best deals for your move.

Remember, local moving can cost more than $20 per hour and long distance moving can impact much more on your wallet. So, a few cost-cutting tips can save a good chunk of the amount. Below are some tips on how to get accurate moving quotes so that you can be financially ready for your move.

1. Take your First Step by Collecting Moving Quotes

Early bird gets a great deal’, this is certainly true for moving. The sooner you can get moving company quotes, compare them and hire movers, the better deal you are bound to get. Even if you are running on a tight schedule, you need to begin with collecting moving quotes, as it is the only reliable way to find the best deal from the best movers.

2. Collect Not Less Than Three (3) Moving Quotes

To compare the moving companies quotes effectively, get moving quotes from at least three moving companies. Sometimes, you may end up booking an expensive moving company, simply because you did not do your homework. To avoid this, you can rely on the services of reliable online moving platforms like Moversfolder. Just fill in a simple form and get free moving quotes online from cheap long distance movers or local movers near you.

3.  Understand the Term Moving Estimates

There are different types of moving estimates offered by moving and storage companies. As a  customer, you need to know. 

  • Binding Estimates: It is an estimate that allows the customer to pay the fixed price as they agreed before moving. 
  • Non-Binding Estimates: It is a guess of the total cost, the final moving costs differ depending on the weight of your belongings and services you select. 
  • Not-to-Exceed Estimates: It is the same as binding quotes, but it allows the customer to pay less if the weight of your belongings is less than estimated.

4. Prefer In-Home Survey, Instead of Phone Estimates

An in-home survey means a moving company representative will come to your house to assess your belongings and understand your moving requirements. This is the most comprehensive way to get accurate moving quotes because the estimator can visually inspect all your belongings. Never rely on over-the-phone estimates, since they may sound hassle-free, but they are not usually accurate and may cost you a lot more at the end of your move.

5. Know your Moving Insurance!

Moving is unpredictable and accidents happen. Regardless of how carefully your furniture and belongings are packed still, there is always a risk of any damage. This is why moving insurance is extremely important. While checking out moving quotes, it is essential to know whether they cover moving insurance or not and what kind of coverage they offer.

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