Best Long Distance Movers

At last, your new house in a new state is ready, while this is exciting, it also brings lots of work stress, including the most important task of selecting the best long distance movers to help you with your move during this challenging time. However, there are many questions that demand an answer before you can make a decision. The most important questions are how do you know which mover is perfect for your move, how much does a mover cost, how are you going to complete the packing for such a long-distance move? 

Selecting a long distance mover can be a tough decision to take. However, when appropriate points are taken into consideration, it becomes easier to land into a perfect mover for your moving day. Always remember, if you make a wrong decision, you are going to regret your moving day forever. So, check out the following tips which will help you in choosing the best long distance movers for your relocation.

Do a Thorough Initial Research

Digging deeply in long distance moving companies is the most crucial and vital step in choosing the best long distance mover. Obviously, you are going to find many moving companies that claim to be best. Initial search allows you to know the facts and services about the company and even learn about their moving charges. In this stage, you need to do the following investigation:

(i) Legal status

Does your chosen long distance mover meet all legal guidelines? You need to investigate the license and reliability before you hire cheap movers. It is essential to look for the license, insurance, whether they are members of a reputed moving organization and many other such critical information about the moving company before you sign the contract with them.  

(ii) Perception of old customers of the company 

Some moving companies are ready to argue on point, that reputation cannot be bought and consequently, people’s perception. However, customer reviews are more imperative when you need the best long distance movers. If you want to get to the root of reputation, you can check the reviews and rating from BBB. 

Once you have researched a lot about the company, you are now able to narrow down a few best long distance movers. With this list of movers, again vetting is needed. Few questions you need to ask yourself like:

  • What are the moving quotes given by each company?
  • Are they competent to carry your relocation to another state?
  • What kind of insurance are they providing?
  • What all particulars are added in moving quotes?
  • Are there any additional charges?

Once you get answers to all these questions, you will be left with shortlisted movers for in-home surveys. Contact the moving company representative to conduct a visual survey for an accurate estimate.

Binding Estimates – Get in Writing!

Once the moving company estimator arrives at your location, make sure to show them every nook and cranny of your house, including garage, attic and even basement. Also, make them aware of any specific moving service requirement like packing, hoisting or unavailability of the elevator at your new home. The estimator, after analysing all your belongings and understanding all your moving needs will provide with written binding moving company quotes, which will be signed by both parties.

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