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Tips to Avoid Low-Ball Estimates from Florida Moving Companies

To find the best Florida moving companies, you request moving estimates from them so you can accurately plan a budget for your follow-ball estimate. Any rogue movers out there who will scam you with their low-ball estimates only to increase their prices at the last minute. Following tips will help to avoid such movers offering a low-ball estimate and help you find reliable movers for your move.

Ask Your Friends and Family for Referrals

Your friends, families, and peers are excellent sources of information when you are looking for good movers. If you don’t know anyone who has recently moved, try using a reliable online moving platform like Moversfolder which will not only help you get free moving company quotes from multiple Florida moving companies, but you can also have a sneak peek at movers information and check verified reviews from previous customers. These testimonies will help you to evaluate the reliability of the movers.

Get Moving Company Quotes from Multiple Florida Moving Companies

Getting Interstate Moving Quotes and comparing them will help you get a general idea about average rates in your location. This will also help you to filter quotes that are significantly lower than others. While prices quoted on these quotes look great, but if you are not careful things like gas, labor fees, or other things you assume are included are left out, then your final billed price will not look so great. Also, have a close look at what information every mover is offering which will help you discern which movers are legit and providing clear information and which movers are being vague and you need to be skeptical about them.

Request For in-home Survey

When moving company representative visits for an in-home survey, they can have a look at all the stuff that you need to move and your moving conditions, which will help them provide more accurate quotes. You can also question them regarding your moving costs, services or about all of the potential additional charges that may be added to the quote. If a moving company refuses to conduct an in-home survey and insist on phone surveys, you need to be wary of them, since how can they provide accurate quotes without checking your goods.

Also, when you interview the moving company representative, check their behavior, whether they are professional or friendly and answers all your questions fairly or whether they are rude or avoid answering any of your questions. Their behaviour should tell you a lot about the mover and help you make a proper decision.

Get Signed Binding Quotes

After an in-home survey, make sure to get a  binding estimate, in writing from your movers. It should contain all the pertinent information about the move like what is included in the estimated price and what isn’t and the terms agreed by both parties. This binding estimate should have a signature from both parties and dated in agreeance to the terms.

If your movers refuse to give binding estimates and insist on phone estimates or non-binding estimates, then you need to be suspicious of them. They will tell you an estimate is an estimate and there’s no need for it to be in writing, but you should make sure that you consider only those movers who provide binding quotes in writing.

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