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So you are moving, and you have decided to choose the saner and stress-free route by choosing to hire a professional local moving company to handle the intricacies of the move. However, with so many local moving companies around you, how can you be sure which is best for you? This is why it is important to check local mover’s qualifications, find out whether it is a reputable organization or not, and check whether they are equipped to handle all your local moving needs that you are looking for. Here are a few tips for selecting the best local moving company for your upcoming move.

Financial Stability

When choosing the best mover for your move, make sure the local moving companies you are considering for the move have a solid background in terms of financial stability. While a small or new local moving company may offer you a great deal to do the job, and might be capable enough to move your belongings from one place to another but are they able to cover the loss or damage that might occur during the move? So make sure you hire a local moving company with a good background. In fact, franchises of many reputable national moving companies have reached in multiple areas and they come with much higher stability if the worst happens.

Certification of a Moving Company

Before you hire a local moving company also verify the license information either through their website or you can even ask them. Along with this, check whether they are members of any reputable moving organizations like AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association). AMSA offers Intrastate ProMover programs, after which local movers can show a ProMover seal which represents industry-wide standards of conduct and deem them as an ethical, professional business.

Trained Staff

Good local moving companies will have trained staff and a professional training process for their employees. The training includes the process of proper loading and unloading techniques, lifting techniques, and how the employees should handle all fragile, special items and all household belongings while loading, stacking for transit and at the time of unloading and unpacking at the final destination.

Proper Equipment

Check whether local movers have the correct size of moving trucks or not and the right moving equipment for your move. In case you have any special and bulky items like a piano or a pool table to move, make sure to inform them and ask whether they have skilled labour and required equipment to handle moving such items.

Background Check

When you have a moving company’s representative visit your home, ask them all the important questions regarding your move and to gauge whether they are honest people, whether they have a skilled team or they use subcontractors before you agree upon free moving company quotes. Also, ask them whether they check the background of their employees to ensure that your stuff is in reliable and good hands. You can also check the background of the company by checking the reviews and ratings on BBB and check if they are having any legal complaint against them.

Collect a few Local Moving Quotes (Using Moversfolder.com)

Before you hire a local moving company, gather at least 3 to 5 local moving quotes, understand the moving process and know the average cost to move locally. You can do this easily with the help of Moversfolder, just fill in a simple form with the details of your move and get free moving quotes from reliable local moving companies near you. Comparing these moving company quotes allows you to choose the best mover that suits your budget and customized moving requirement.

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