Local Moving Companies Quotes

You are planning to move locally, whether it is across the street or on the other side of the town, the very first question that comes in your mind is how much do local movers charge for a local move. It is normal if you are worried about spending your hard-earned money on the moving process. To know the moving costs, it is better to collect local moving companies quotes before you start your moving process. Here are a few points that movers take into consideration before giving you moving quotes.

Hourly Charges

Unlike long distance movers, local moving companies usually charge based on the number of hours they are going to spend on your move. Most reputable local movers charge around $90 to $120 per hour, which depends on the number of moving labour required for your move and what all moving services that you need to be done. In case you want only a few moving services without renting a truck, then you will be paying only for moving labour charges. Also, with hourly rates, local moving companies quotes include a minimum of two hours charges. Remember your hourly charges also depend on the area you are moving from and to.

Flat Rates

The other way local moving companies quotes are fixed rate prices. These local movers access your belongings and determine the hours they need to finish your moving job, then they multiply the time with their hourly rates. This way local mover off flat rates and these local moving companies quotes are much preferred in metro areas where there are huge traffic issues.

Do you Require Pro’ Packing?

If you need professional packing services from the best movers, then it will definitely increase your moving costs. Along with hourly charges, materials and packing charges will be added to your moving quotes. You need to tell the movers about your requirements before they send you their estimates.

Do you Need Packing Boxes?

Of course, you need moving boxes and packing materials for packing all the stuff in your house. You can either buy it yourself or purchase it from your movers. And if you are on a budget, you get free moving boxes at Craigslist, Liquor Stores, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks and other such places.

Are you Moving Far Away?

Along with standard travel time, your local movers may charge a “travel fee”. This charge is to cover the time it takes the local movers to drive from their facility to your current location and the time it takes them to drive to your destination and back to their facility.

Additional Moving Services

If you want your movers to carry your household items three or four flights of stairs and there is no elevator, then your local movers will add flight charges in your moving quotes. Taking your furniture up and down a flight of stairs is a difficult task, that is why movers tend to charge extra for that. There are many such other charges involved in a move. Make sure to talk to your movers regarding them.

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