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Prepare for a Pre-Move Survey Before Florida Movers Estimator Arrive

Every move is unique and no mover can provide you with accurate moving quotes until and unless they visually inspect your belongings and the conditions of the move. This is why professional Florida movers insist on pre-move surveys as it helps them to lay out the plan for your move and will also help them determine the approximate cost of your move and the amount of space your belongings will occupy on the truck. The following points will help you prepare for an in-home survey so you can get the most out of it.

Set Up a Pre-Move Survey

To get an in-home estimate and to set a pre-move survey, the very first thing you need to do is find reputable Florida movers that match the services you need in your area. To find the best movers in Florida, just fill in a simple online form at Moversfolder and get a refined list of licensed and insured movers that match your search criteria. You can check mover’s profile, customer reviews and even get free local or Long Distance Moving Quotes from them. Once you’ve compared all the parameters and shortlisted the movers that fit your needs and budget, you’re ready to reach out and request your in-home estimates.

To set up the pre-move survey, you can reach the movers via phone or online. The survey requirements generally involve their clients to fill out an inventory checklist for their furniture called a cube sheet. While some moving companies offer video survey, it is best to set up an in-home survey with a member of their team as early as possible.

Make a detailed inventory of all your belongings

To prepare for a pre-move survey, make a list of the belongings that you are sure to move to your new home. This will speed up the survey and also help you and the estimator stay on the same page. For the items that you plan to donate or sell, mark them with a sticky note or tape so that the estimator is aware of them. Along with doing a complete walkthrough of the house with the moving company representative, also make sure to show him any hidden spaces with furniture like garages, crawl spaces, attics, or sheds.

Prepare Questions to Ask Your Florida Movers Estimator

Pre-move surveys are also the best time to interview your Florida movers and ask all the important questions pertaining to the move. Your moving estimator will check all the details of your move and state all the important moving service necessities that are required to finish the job, like stairs, hoisting, long haul, etc. Along with this, you can ask the moving company representative about various other services like packing, unpacking, cleaning, etc and the cost related to them. You should also ask them about how your moving cost will be determined, what insurance are they offering, what are their refund and cancellation policies among other things. Make sure you receive a copy of binding estimates from them.

Review the Movers After the Survey

The company representative’s behavior should tell you a lot about the moving company itself and will further help you make your decision regarding hiring them. While they should be knowledgeable, prompt, and professional, they should also be helpful and friendly.

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