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Negotiation Tactics to Get the Best Deals from Florida Movers

Moving is expensive and can cost you an arm and a leg if you are not careful. And if you are an average adult with a medium salary, then let’s agree that there is no shame in bargaining. There are ways to negotiate the price with the Florida Movers and get the best deals from them. So, next time you find yourself amidst moving, try these negotiation tactics.

Begin with learning the average moving rates

Before thinking about putting negotiating tactics into action, you have to learn what are the average moving prices for your move, what’s acceptable and what’s not. Begin with research. Find the moving companies either through your friends or family or search online and request free moving quotes from them. Comparing multiple moving company quotes online will help you find the average moving rates in your area and you will also learn what all the moving services you are going to require for your move. You can always choose Moversfolder to find reliable Florida movers and get free moving quotes from them just by filling a simple online form. 

While comparing free moving quotes you also need to remember that while you are looking for the best,  you are not only looking for the cheapest quote. After all, there is nothing to be gained by opting for fraudulent movers. You want to find movers who have the right scope of services and offer the most affordable price for those same services. It also goes without saying that you should do a background check of movers before asking them for in-home binding estimates.

Ask about discounts and special offers

You can begin with checking online whether the movers you are interested in are offering any coupons on their website or if any special online promotion is going on. If you don’t find anything, directly ask your movers whether they offer any special discounts for returning customers, students, veterans, etc.  A lot of moving companies also have referral programs where, if you refer a person, you can get a discount coupon. If they don’t have anything similar, there’s still a chance for you to sweeten the deal.

Being pushy will do you no good

Movers will lower their prices because of their goodwill and not because they depend on you. So being pushy will not help you and it will probably enrage your movers. It is always better to be kind but firm and ask for a better deal.

Know the right time

You may have probably heard about peak and off-peak seasons for moving.  You will have a tough time getting a discount if you have to move during the summer. But if you move during the off-peak season, there is a huge chance of getting a deal at a lower price. You can further improve your deal if you move on workdays and in the middle of the month or workaround mover’s availability.

Know when to back down 

If you think moving companies aren’t being fair with you and are imposing high prices, it is better to stop negotiating and start walking away. Chances are, once your movers see you are about to back down, they will become more reasonable. If not then you will probably have to try your luck with some other movers in Florida.

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