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You might have often heard about various suggestions that non-binding quotes are unreliable and you should not trust them. Still, plenty of moving companies offer non-binding moving quotes to their customers. Are these quotes really so unreliable? Do only scammers offer them? The answer is NO. Because just like binding estimates, non-binding quotes have to follow certain rules and regulations, which are outlined and governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA). Keep reading and understand what non-binding moving quotes are all about.

Non-binding Moving Quotes are Neither a Bid or Contract

Firstly, a non-binding quote is completely free and movers cannot charge you for the same. These moving quotes are just an approximate cost of the move and it doesn’t bind the movers to the quoted price. The final cost could be more than the estimate, but they must be in accordance with the mover’s tariff. As per federal law, the movers can collect the charges that they show in their tariffs. Also, even though non-binding quotes are not binding, they must be furnished in writing and they must clearly and accurately describe all the details of the move. The charges must be clearly shown both on the service order and the bill of lading.

The Quotes Should be Indicated and Fair

Your hiring movers must furnish relatively accurate non-binding moving quotes based on an estimated weight of your belongings and all the moving services hired by you which are required to finish the move. The quote should clearly indicate that it is non-binding in nature and that the costs shown are approximate. The moving company must maintain a copy of this Non-binding estimate and attach it to the bill of lading. Remember, not to sign or accept your service order or bill of lading on a moving day unless the mover indicates the amount estimated on each form.

Should Clearly Define All the Parameters

Your mover must clearly describe the details of all your belongings and all services they will provide in the non-binding quote, along with the price. If the final bill is more than that quoted, the mover may not collect more than 110 percent of the amount of this estimate upon arrival.

On a moving day, before the movers start loading your stuff, if they believe that you have additional items which are not stated on the non-binding quote, then they can refuse you service. So, if you missed something or add any new item to your shipment, talk to the movers so you can work out an agreement before they start to load your goods.

In Case of Additionally Required Moving Services

On a moving day, if your mover thinks additional services are required to properly complete your move after your belongings have been loaded, then they must tell you about these additional services before they act on them. You will then have an hour to decide whether you want the additional services or not. If these additional services are not shown in your mover’s non-binding estimate, your mover must deliver your belongings and then bill you later for any additional services incurred. In case, you add additional services after your shipment has been loaded, then you will be billed after the move for these additional services.

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