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Moving Quotes: Do’s and Don’ts to Choose the Right Movers

Moving Quotes holds within them the crux of your entire move. They determine whether your move will be stress-less or just the opposite. After all, depending on these estimates, you finalise your moving company, right? So, you certainly can’t make a mistake while getting and comparing them. With this guide,  understand the do’s and don’ts of getting the right moving company quotes.

Do get at least three to four Moving Quotes

To compare the moving company quotes effectively, it is important that you get moving estimates from at least three to four reliable moving companies from your local area. You can do this with the help of, get no-obligation moving quotes online from licensed and insured movers within minutes right in your inbox. This will help you understand the average moving rates in your area and will help you find the best deal. 

 Don’t trust low moving company quotes

While comparing quotes, if you find a low-ball estimate which is too good to be true then make sure to avoid them since they could be scammers. However, if you think they and not scammers and want to consider them, then make sure to vigorously research these movers and ask them directly for the reason behind their low-cost deal.  Similarly, you can eliminate the very high moving quotes estimates as well, depending on your moving budget.

Do get an in-home estimate

After initial screening, make sure to ask the shortlisted moving company representatives to visit your move to inspect your belongings and understand all your moving needs. This is the only way to get more accurate moving quotes.

Do a complete walkthrough with the estimator

When the moving estimator visits your home to conduct the survey, make sure to show him every single item that you want to move to your new home. Also, explain to him all your moving requirements like packing, unpacking, hoisting, carrying your stuff up the stairs, etc both at the current location and the destination.

Don’t trust verbal movers quote

Movers who refuse to conduct an in-home survey and insist on providing the quotes over the phone are not reliable, so make sure to avoid them.

Do get a binding quote

After the survey, ask the estimator to provide you with a binding quote or Not-to-exceed binding quote, especially if you are moving long distance. Many local moving companies offer non-binding quotes, so if you are going for that, make sure to check the estimated hours included in the quote and that it is in the written form.

Do get the quotes in writing

ALWAYS get the moving company quote in writing. This is a written agreement between you and your mover. It should be furnished on a letterhead where the details of the moving company and the representative are mentioned.

Do read the moving quote service terms carefully

Before signing the moving agreement, make sure that it includes aspects of your move like the cost of services required, labour, material etc. Also read all the terms and conditions to understand the extra charges (if in case you need any service last minute) and cancellation policy. Make sure all the taxes are included in the quote.

Do check the Insurance Offered

Another important aspect that you need to check in the moving quotes is Moving insurance. Talk to your moving company representative about full replacement coverage and third party insurance especially if you are moving valuable items.  

Following the above aspects will help you get only the best quotes in hand. Now you can negotiate with your full service movers and finalise the one that offers the best deal for the best services. This way you can hire the best movers who are within your budget and can ensure a hassle-free move and thereby giving you much-needed peace of mind.

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