Moving Into a New Home Checklist

Moving Into a New Home Checklist – When Moving With Kids

When you are moving with your youngsters, things can be quite difficult. From fears to bad behavior, there are many extra things on your plate when you are taking your family to a new home. That is why we have compiled a moving into a new home checklist, so you can get organized and make sure your move avoids rough roads throughout the duration of the trip.

Planning Your Move – 4 Weeks Before

  • Research moving companies. Get free moving quotes from the best local and long-distance moving companies at Moversfolder and compare them to find the best movers.
  • Hire reliable local or long distance movers (as per your need) to handle the transport aspect of the move, This way you can be available for the kids throughout the relocation.
  • Make cleaning up and packing the house fun! Get the kids involved and start weeding out things you don’t use often enough to justify keeping. Have a garage sale or simply give these things away.
  • Take your kids to the doctor and make sure they are up to date on shots. If they need medication, ensure that you get enough to last through the transition to your new home.
  • Have fun collecting different moving boxes from stores in your area. 
  • Make arrangements for someone to watch the kids on moving day. Plan now, before everyone has plans.
  • Start packing! Remember to make it fun for the kids and get them involved, even if all they do is label the boxes.

Two Weeks Before Your Move

  • Make deposits to set up utilities and services at your new home. 
  • Make sure your kids return library books to the local library or their school. 
  • Set up a place for your pets to be when you move, as well as a way for them to get to your new house.
  • Put in a change of address with the local post office.
  • Place an official change of address with the US Postal Service.

The One Week Countdown

  • Confirm your moving booking with the movers and storage companies.
  • Finish packing everything except for the stuff that you will use in the next few days.
  • Take some time to clean out appliances before moving day arrives. Be sure to follow child safety precautions to ensure your children don’t get hurt by appliances.
  • Start taking things apart so the movers don’t have to. If you are paying your local movers by the hours, this will help you save substantially.
  • Confirm that your utilities will be turned off, and on, on the days that you have requested.
  • Make a copy of your floor plan so the movers know where to put things in the new home.

Movers Coming Tomorrow!

  • Make a path and clear the way for the moving crew by removing any obstructions.
  • Place any protection where it needs to go long before the movers will be there. Remember, carpet film and padding for doors and frames or banisters take time to set up.
  • Pack your first open boxes with things that the kids will need right away as well as things that you can use to eat, bathe, and live for a few days until the rest of your boxes can be opened in the new home.
  • Keep aside cash for tips.
  • Finish packing any daily use items.
  • Prepare your children and confirm the reservations you have made for them.

Moving Day!

  • Get everyone up early and pack all of the bed sheets and blankets in a final box.
  • Feed yourself and your children a healthy breakfast to provide energy for the day.
  • Get the kids settled where they will be for the day and then prepare yourself for the move.
  • Walk through the house with the movers to show them what you have and to tell them what you need.
  • Be close by in case the movers have questions. Never leave them unattended in your home.
  • Read and review all the paperwork carefully before you sign it.
  • Walk through the empty house with your kids to say goodbye and make sure nothing gets left behind.
  • Lock it up and turn in your keys to the landlord or the new owner.
  • Give your kids a hug! They’ve made it through a very hectic day.
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