How Much do Movers Cost for a Local Move

Planning a move even the one that is local without overspending can be quite a task. From non-binding estimates to hidden costs, most customers are thoroughly confused and they end up paying way more than they initially planned. So, how much does movers cost for a local move? With this article, learn how local movers charge for the move and on average, how much do they cost for the move.

Local movers typically exist in two forms, those who charge by the hour and those who offer a flat rate. As the name suggests, flat rate movers charge just one rate for the moving job, while hourly rate local movers will bill you for the number of the hours it took to complete the job. Let’s have a detailed look.

Flat Rate Movers

Consider hiring flat rate movers when you are tight on your budget, live in a crowded city with unpredictable traffic, have lots of belongings etc since with them there will be no surprise charges upon the completion of your move. Another important benefit of hiring flat rate movers is that flat rate movers are generally more efficient and complete the moving job in a shorter time since they don’t get paid by the hour.

To provide you with a flat rate quote, the moving company representative will visit your home and inspect your belongings. Then by factoring the size of your move, distance to be travelled, fuel and time required to finish the move, they will provide a quote. Sounds good? Now let’s have a look at how much does movers cost for a local move when you choose to go with the Flat rate option.

The following average prices for locally moving homes ranging in size from studio to 4 bedrooms. Please Note that these rates are just for moving without any additional services like packing, crating, storage and so on.

For a studio apartment with 230 cubic feet of household goods, the average price of a local move is $175. For a 1 bedroom apartment with 390 cf, the average cost of a local move is $270. For a 2 bedroom apartment with 892 cf, the local moving cost can be about $580 on average, and for 3 bedroom apartment with 1215 cf, the average local moving cost can be about $774.

Hourly Rates of Local Movers

Another way local movers estimate your moving costs is by charging hourly rates. Local moving companies, on average charge around $25 per hour, per-mover. This per-hour rate will help you determine the moving cost. For instance, to move a two-bedroom apartment locally 3 movers will take around 6 hours to complete the move.  Hence the local moving cost will probably amount to about $450 for labour.

To Determine Accurate Costs – Compare Moving Quotes!

With the above information, you probably got an idea about how much does movers cost for a local move. However, these are just averages, to learn the local moving cost of your particular move, you need to get multiple moving company quotes and compare them. This is where Moversfolder comes into play. Just by filling a single one minute form with your basic moving requirements, you can get free moving quotes from the best local movers in your area right in your inbox. So, get started and plan your local move with Moversfolder.

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