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Hiring professional movers may cost you hundreds of dollars depending on your moving needs. To know the exact price and to avoid any surprises on  moving day, you get moving company quotes from the movers. Keep reading to understand how you can get the most accurate quotes and what should you discuss with the movers.

Accurate Details has to be Provided: Your moving price is influenced by both subjective and objective factors. They should not be overlooked if you care about your budget. This is why while getting moving company quotes, you need to provide accurate moving requirements to the moving companies. This information includes the distance at which you need your belongings to be delivered, the amount of stuff that you are moving, whether you need packing, storage or any other extra services. Remember, any changes in these details could mean a lower or a higher price for you to pay for your move.

Criteria Used for Moving Company Quotes: Professional movers usually have some standard criteria for applying their charges. Local movers either charge on per hour basis or offer a flat rate. Hourly rates generally start at a minimum of three hours, so if you have a smaller move which could take  3-4 hours, you should go with hourly rates. However, if you are moving a large house or a condo with lots of boxes and heavy furniture or if you are moving to a location that regularly experiences a lot of traffic, then it would be wise to take a flat rate quote.

Long distance movers can base their prices either on the weight of your belongings or volume (cubic footage) of your belongings.  Now weight-based moving quotes are standard in the industry because these estimates are verified by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). So, in case you have any disparity with your mover you can request the DOT certified weight tickets to verify everything. Cubic footage estimates cannot be verified by the DOT and so are generally frowned about.

Over the Phone Vs In-home Survey: Getting your moving company quotes over the phone may seem like a time-saving deal but then you will have no written proof of your agreement. For reliable accurate quotes, ask the movers to conduct an in-home survey and inspect all your belongings. Know the type of moving estimate the movers are offering, whether it is binding or non-binding or binding-not-to-exceed. Make sure to ask the movers the time period for which the estimate will be valid. 

House Area Peculiarities: Last but not the least, there could be many peculiarities with your area that may infer with the moving process. This could be anything like no working elevator, parking restrictions, etc. Make sure to inform your movers in advance regarding any of these issues.

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