Moving Company Quotes

When you are planning to move, then for sure you must be worried about where to start, how to proceed, and many other factors which you need to consider before, during and after moving. No matter whether you are moving locally or long distance, moving is always a tiring and hectic task. The only wise decision you can make while moving is to hire the best moving company who can handle your move smoothly and efficiently.

For choosing the mover, the first step you need to do is collect moving companies quotes. Moving quotes are essential because they help you to learn the average moving costs in your area, which allows you to set up your budget and also find the best mover that meets all your customized moving requirements. With this guide, learn about the important factors that affect the moving company quotes.

1. Weight of your Belongings

Definitely, the more belongings you want to move, the more costly your move will be. The weight of your belongings directly influences your moving costs. The primary consideration of every moving company quote is the total weight of the stuff you want to move.

2. The Distance Between your Old & New Place

The travel distance between Origin to Destination affects your moving costs. You not only have to pay for the gas, but you need to pay for the driver too for the time he is going to spend on the road. Generally, the farther you move, the more expensive your move will be.

3. Labour Costs

These costs vary from place to place and it also depends on the moving company. For example, when you hire local movers, they will charge you on the basis of hours required to finish the moving job whereas long distance movers quotes include estimated labour costs and basic insurance coverage.

4. Packing Costs

You can either choose to hire packing services from professionals, or plan to accomplish it yourself. You also have an option to get partial packing services from movers as well, wherein professionals pack the fragile and bulky items, while you pack the rest which are easy to pack. Also, if you have bulky furniture items, then you would also need disassembly and assembly services or probably hoisting services in case of narrow doors and hallways, from the movers. Lastly, you will certainly need to buy some packing materials.  To avoid hidden moving costs, ask your movers about these costs before you get your moving companies quotes online.

5. Liability and Valuation Coverage

Professional Moving companies are responsible for providing you with two options of valuation coverage, i.e Full value protection and released value protection. The most comprehensive coverage is full value protection, in which the movers gives you the surety that in case of loss or damage to your item during the move, they are liable to reimburse for current cash value. Released value protection, on the other hand, is mostly included in all moving companies quotes for free and it covers only 0.60 cents per pound of the total weight of your belongings.

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