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Low Ball Free Moving Quotes Always Cost More in the Long Run

Many people while moving are looking for the best deal that they can get. In this economy who can really blame them? However, when it comes to moving your belongings that can, and often do, spell disaster. Moving companies that offer low ball free moving quotes are usually the ones you have to leery about the most. 80% of the time they are scam artists, based on leading governmental information. 

So How Do They Sucker You In? Easy Really…They Just Offer Low Ball Moving Estimates To You

They play to your basic need to get the cheapest moving services that you can. They know if you can get a lot for very little then you will feel you got a bargain, brag to your friends and then ultimately book them… This is where the scam begins.

They’ll load all your belongings into their moving truck and say they’ll meet you at your new home. Now you are waiting, waiting, waiting, until they arrive.

Before Movers even begin to open the truck and unload they will tell you it now costs you X amount dollars OVER the estimate, and if you don’t pay it, then they will take your stuff to storage until you can.

Or, they will have you sign a waiver for them when they get to your new home. If you don’t sign they don’t unload. If you do sign, then much your stuff is broken or damaged in some way but that little waiver you signed is the rub. You just signed away any claim to that damaged furniture through the waiver.

So what is the cost of your move now? Take them to court, don’t forget to add the court cost. And if you win…will you even get your money? Most likely not as they are now bankrupt. And what about those family heirlooms? How much did it cost to have them repaired or replaced? …So in the long run, choosing unethical movers could cost you plenty.

The Following Tips May Help You Avoid Them

Don’t Trust Craigslist

Seeing as Craigslist really doesn’t care about who posts or what they post; many unethical moving companies can post there and call themselves a company. But just because a company advertises on Craigslist doesn’t make them a scam. Only if that is the only place they advertise, you need to be careful.

Forget The Yellow Pages

If a moving company offering low-ball estimates exists only on yellow pages and doesn’t have a physical address, website or even a blog, then they are basically invisible to you; and for a reason, so it’s better if you research about them carefully by checking them at advocate companies like the BBB, etc.

Trust Free Moving Quotes Only From Reliable Source

You will probably begin your search by getting free moving company quotes online. Make sure you get them from a reliable platform like Moversfolder, which lists only licensed and insured movers and you can even find reliable yet Cheap Long Distance Moving Companies.

Get An In-House Inspection Of Your Belongings

Ask your mover to actually come to your home or office and provide you a binding estimate. Make sure that you ask a lot of questions with your mover.

Never, Never, Never Sign Anything Unless…

Read every document carefully including terms and conditions and don’t sign anything until you understand what you are signing. Also, Never pay any movers before until they have moved your stuff into your home first.

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