Long Distance Moving Quotes

Knowing the moving cost for your move beforehand will help you plan your budget. You will also then make educated decisions regarding your move like whether you will be handling packing yourself or hire the services of movers. To understand the cost of your move, you need to request a long distance moving quote from multiple reliable long distance movers so that you can compare their prices and services.

Now for a long distance move, most movers will offer you an estimate based on the weight of your belongings, the distance that you move, and the other services that you require. There are few movers who may provide you with a long distance moving quote based on the volume of your belongings. This means your final bill will depend on how much stuff you are moving and how far you are moving. 

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To calculate your moving costs as accurately as possible, help your long distance movers by showing them every single item that you plan to.move. This includes your attic, basement, garage, shed, and closets and even items stored under beds. Talk to your full service movers and achieve a clear understanding of the total expenses of packing and other services that you require. Make the movers aware of any moving need that you require to finish the move both at your current home and your new home, like no elevator in your new home. Anything excluded from the quote will only add extra to the cost later.

Type of Long Distance Moving Quote Offered

Most long distance movers offer non-binding, binding and not to exceed moving estimates. Let’s have a brief look at them.

Non-binding moving quotes are an approximation of the moving cost based on the sole calculation of the mover. The final moving cost will be determined on the moving day after the shipment is weighed. Since this type of long distance moving quote is based on the actual weight of your belongings rather than the estimated weight, the price might be lower than on a binding moving quote. However, with a  non-binding estimate, there is no guarantee that the final cost will be the same as what appears on it.

Binding quotes, on the other hand, means that you are obliged to pay the price set forth in the binding long distance moving quote, no matter whether the total weight of your belongings is more than or less than the estimated amount. However, if you add items or any additional moving service request on a moving day then the mover may revise the quote. And for additional services requested during transit, the long distance movers will bill you for the added services 30 days after your belongings were delivered, 

Not-To-Exceed Estimate, also called as Guaranteed Price or Price Protection, is an estimate based on a binding moving estimate or on actual cost, and you are required to pay whichever is lower. This type of long distance moving quote is provided to you in writing and is binding on the carrier.

Key Information to Look in Moving Quotes

Although different long distance movers will have different moving quote forms, here’s what you need to look in them:

  • Itemized list of the number of moving boxes and other packing supplies that you’ll need, along with their quantities and price.
  • Moving Insurance costs and the details of coverage offered.
  • Rates for various additional moving services like packing, unpacking, appliance servicing, moving any special item, hoisting services etc, depending on your moving needs.
  • Costs for storage (if applicable).
  • Weight or.cubic feet, and total mileage information as per distance, and their associated charges.
  • Payment terms ( cash, cheque, cards etc)

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