Long Distance Moving Company Quotes

Are you excited to move to your new home? Of course, you might be looking to hire the best movers near you, but how to find them? You need to begin with getting multiple long distance moving company quotes. While moving to a new place is altogether an overwhelming experience, you need proper planning even before you get free moving quotes to make things easier. Here are a few tips to get you started with the moving process, always check these with your movers before you hire them.

  1. Comprehensive Comparison of Movers

A simple search online or through recommendations will leave you with a list of long distance moving companies. However, their working style, their features differ from each other. That is why the comprehensive comparison is must on the basis of moving services they are offering, pricing, and reviews and ratings of the movers. Besides the pros and cons of every moving company, you should also find the one that offers the most affordable long distance moving company quotes.

  1. Moving Company Background Check

Very often, many customers forget and fail to understand the importance of cross-checking license details of moving companies. Failing to do a thorough background check of the license might land you with plenty of complications on a moving day. To avoid any troubles, make sure you verify the USDOT number of the moving company from the FMCSA after getting long distance moving company quotes and can also check their track record history with BBB.

  1. Licence & Insurance Info’

If you have decided to go ahead with the movers for hire, it is equally important to ask for the moving insurance policies as well. Having such documents and information will help you in getting the compensation faster in case of any damage or loss of your belongings. Moving companies who are providing insurance are well aware of the sense of coverage.

  1. Estimate of your Belongings

Long distance moving company quotes are based on various factors, the foremost is the weight of your belongings and the distance to be travelled from origin to destination. The professional moving companies will conduct an in-home survey of your home to give you accurate and binding estimates for your move. Whereas, free moving quotes give you an idea about how much does it cost to move, but with a home survey, you will get an accurate idea about your moving costs. 

  1. Accepted Payment Methods

When you choose a moving company, ask about the accepted payment mode as well through which they are accepting payments. Sometimes moving companies do not offer the payment method that you are willing to use, it is recommended to ask this when you get long distance moving company quotes. It is even advised that not to pay the full amount before you get your belongings delivered at your new place. You can give a partial amount as advance and remaining can be cleared after unloading the shipment. Also, avoid making payments in cash, since it is untraceable and might lead to disputes at the end.

  1. Moving Contract Agreement

The most important part of your moving process is getting documents related to your move. A moving contract is must from a moving company where everything is mentioned such as moving date, moving services, moving distance and many more. Make sure to read it thoroughly before signing it. Once you agree with all the terms, then only sign it else wait for a revised copy of it.

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You can request free moving quotes online for your long distance move from multiple moving companies by simply filling a form on Moversfolder. Only the licensed and insured movers who can offer all your moving needs and are available on your chosen moving dates will get back to you with quotes, thereby simplifying your moving process entirely.

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