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Planning a long distance move? It could mean that you are moving from one city to another or to a different state entirely. Such a move is definitely not easy and it is wise to hire the services of reliable long distance movers. With this guide, learn the four important aspects of long distance moving companies quotes that will help you shop for the mover.

Movers vs Brokers: While searching for the best movers, you will find a lot of online and offline advertisements. But are they all the same? The answer is No. Many of them are actually moving brokers. These brokers will take your money, then hire the lowest bid long distance movers for your move and then pocket the difference. Also, in such cases, you will not get accurate moving quotes and chances are you might be leaving your valuable belongings in unsafe hands. And in case of damage, brokers will not be accountable for any damage to your belongings during the move. How can you avoid this? One simple way is to always get binding quotes because brokers cannot provide you with binding quotes. 

Understanding the pricing: Long distance moving is complicated and so are long distance moving companies quotes. Different moving companies offer different types of quotes and you’ll want to know what they mean so you can compare them. Here are the most common quote types.

  • Non-binding quotes: This type of quote is not guaranteed, it’s just an estimated price of the move based on the moving details provided by you. Your final billing amount will depend on the actual weight of your shipment and services utilised.
  • Binding Quotes: This type of move gives total price guarantee as long as your inventory doesn’t change. The inventory list is provided by the movers usually after visual inspection of your belongings.
  • Not-to-exceed Binding Quotes: This quote is based on the weight of the goods you’re moving. If the weight of your belongings is less than the estimated weight, you will be paying for reduced weight, however, if the weight is more than the estimated weight, you will be paying the quoted price.

Get in Writing Binding Long Distance Moving Companies Quotes: Make sure that you avoid long distance movers who provide moving quotes over the phone instead of sending their representative to conduct a visual inspection of your belongings. Moreover, while getting the in-home estimates make sure that you ask the moving company representative about the extra moving services that you might need in order to complete the move.  These could be hidden charges such as the Long Carry Charges, Flight Charges and so on. Clarify all these beforehand and get all the terms of move in-writing from the movers to make your move a pleasant one.

Moving Insurance: It is important to know what coverage your full service movers offering you with. Since this is a long distance move, it is important that you get full replacement coverage or know third party insurance options. Make sure to enquire about the sort of damages that the company covers and does not cover and what it would cost you.

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