How to Choose a Local Mover

Shopping for moving companies is an enormous undertaking, from long distance movers to local movers, there are a lot of professional moving companies that could be found with a simple internet search. Sadly, there are plenty of rogue movers too who are ready to rip you off your hard earned money. So, once you are sure about your move, you better learn how to choose a local mover whom you can trust. The following tips may help you find reliable local moving companies who are capable of moving your belongings quickly and safely and who fit in your budget too.

Make a List of Local Movers

Before we dive into the particulars of how to choose a local mover, you need to make a list of competent movers who are ready to cater to your moving needs. Ask your friends and family for referrals. Next visit a reliable moving platform like Moversfolder which lists only licensed and insured local movers and get instant moving quotes online to compare and save on the average moving costs by upto 40%. Once, you have a list of potential movers who can handle your move and are within your budget, start researching them to find the best of them.

Don’t look for the best mover in your area, but find the best movers that fit your unique moving requirements and budget.

It is important to pen down what you are looking for in your move because your needs will decide the definition of best movers. You need to check whether the movers you are considering to hire meets your customized moving requirements and budget or not.

Check How Long the Moving Company has been into Business

If the local mover you are taking into consideration was born only a month’s back, then it is hard to tell whether they are reliable and have credentials for taking care of your move or not. A good rule of thumb while deciding how to choose a local mover, is to hire a local moving company who has been providing competent moving services for quite a long time and has vast experience of planning and executing any small or big move.

Check License & Insurance of the Moving Company

If the moving company is not adequately insured and licensed, then there is a significant risk to your belongings. To make sure of this, check out the website of the company or ask them directly for their license number. Now, regulations for licensure vary from state to state, which you can check on the FMCSA website, you can also check whether they are a member of the local Better Business Bureau.

Speciality Moving Services

If you need any huge or unique items to be moved like piano, pool table or hot tubs, it is essential to specify those items during the time of getting moving quotes. This is also an important factor in choosing your local mover. Many local moving companies don’t offer or don’t have facilities of moving such special items, so ask them specifically how they will manage to move these items. It would be better if you hire speciality movers yourself to handle moving of such items.

Check Online Ratings & Reviews

Reading reviews is a perfect way to research more about moving companies. Depending on the company, you can check the social websites, online review website and BBB website. You can also check genuine moving reviews at Moversfolder too. Companies with a high rating are usually great to select for moving. You can also check whether they are a member of the American Moving and Storage Association, which is also a plus.

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