Average Cost to Move Locally

Should you hire a moving company or opt for a self-drive moving truck rental when moving home locally? Many people consider choosing the money-saving DIY option, but is it as cheap as you might think? Keep reading to understand the average cost to move locally and you will find that hiring local movers may actually be a lot cheaper than you think.

Stop and Take a Deep Breath First

If you are considering moving your house the DIY way, then don’t make this decision in a rush. Before renting a moving truck, consider the various costs that add up your local moving cost like the cost of packing materials, time off work to do the packing, suitable size moving truck hire and labour costs. Along with the cost, consider the risk of damage and unexpected hitches, and the aggravation factor that comes with a DIY move.

Then compare these costs with the cost of hiring the professional local movers and you might find that the difference is less than expected. When you weigh up both the cost and hassle involved with a DIY move, most people conclude that they are best off using professional moving services for their move.

Know the Average Cost to Move Locally

Before you take a leap and decide to go for a DIY move, know what is the average local moving cost when you hire movers in your area. You can achieve this by visiting a reliable online moving platform like Moversfolder. Provide your moving details with a simple form and get free moving quotes from the most reliable local movers near you. Comparing these indicative quotes will help you find the average cost to move locally. 

Local movers usually charge on an hourly basis, and your final moving cost will be based on a wide variety of factors. That said, here’s a ballpark range for a local move as per your home size.

  • $200-$500 for a studio/one-bedroom apartment
  • $400-$700 for a two-bedroom apartment
  • $560-$1000 for a three-bedroom home
  • $800-$2,000+ for a four-bedroom home

Of course, prices will be higher if you have a lot of accumulated belongings, stuffed lofts and garden sheds or even if you have any unusual items of furniture like a piano or pool table that require special handling. The complexity of the move also influences the final moving cost. For example, If you are planning to move a piano on the first floor,  or if your house has been altered and now the furniture that initially went in won’t easily come out again. All such scenarios are part of moving experience and they will put the price up

Furthermore, extra services like packing will also cost you. However, it is not that expensive when you compare with the time it’s likely to take you to do it. To save money on moving, you can also hire movers only for fragile packing, while you handle the rest. Don’t forget insurance, which will generally cost you around 10% of the total moving cost.

Know your Average Cost to Move Locally with Moversfolder!

Moversfolder is an online moving portal that has a network of professional moving companies nationwide and has been helping moving customers to obtain free moving quotes online from top-notch movers. Just visit us and learn the cost saving moving tips and know your average cost to move locally and get free moving quotes to compare and choose the best movers.

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