Cheap Local Movers

Think about the following scenarios – if it hasn’t already given you nightmares.

  • You’ve been planning a local move for months and
  • You called three different cheap local movers, all of which seemed reputable, and finally decided on the one that gave you the lowest moving quotes,
  • Finally, your moving day has arrived,
  • Moving crew loads your household goods on the moving truck,
  • The truck takes off your belongings to your new house,
  • And it never gets there, It disappeared, along with your valuable possessions.

Well, this was certainly the most extreme scenario. What’s more likely to happen, is that less than honest movers probably won’t steal a homeowner’s possessions outright,  they’ll just hold them hostage until you agree to pay a higher moving cost. Of course, these are just two of many kinds of moving scams. Reliable Online Moving platforms like Moversfolder will keep you safe from such scams since their network connections include only pre-screened, licensed and insured moving companies with good track record history.

So if you’ve had any nightmares about something like this happening to you, take them as a warning: Don’t just hire any cheap local movers without checking their registration and without researching the moving company properly.

Beware of Cheap Local Movers

  • Which don’t have a physical address? P.O. boxes are a big red flag. Check the phone book. And check online through Google Maps.
  • Whether they have a poor record with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Visit the website and check their reviews.
  • A mover that charges a fee to provide you with moving quotes. That’s not something any reputable local movers would do.
  • They don’t provide written moving estimates or tell you they’ll determine your charges after loading.
  • They give you free moving quotes that sound too good to be true in terms of your budget.
  • They ask you to sign documents that have blank lines to be filled in later. All details should be spelt out in writing and agreed upon before you put your signature on anything.
  • They don’t have a current U.S. Department of Transportation license, or DOT Number or their state’s valid license and not insured.

Here’s an old saying for you “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. Exercising a little due diligence upfront and learning all you can about the local movers you are considering before you hire can save you a lot of headaches and heartaches when your move is underway. Your best research tool is definitely the Internet. Or it is so long as you don’t just believe the claims on the websites of the movers you are considering without cross-checking them. For research guidelines, check our perfect and ultimate guide on local moves before you start your move.

Find Professional & Affordable Movers at Moversfolder

Moversfolder is an online platform that provides you with a list of all reliable and professional but cheap local movers near you. Just fill an online request form and get free mover quotes, choose the best movers that meet all your requirements in terms of services and your tentative moving budget.

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