Moving Company Quotes

Whether you are planning a local move or long distance, you probably want to hire the best movers to handle all your moving responsibilities. To find reliable and trustworthy moving companies, first you need to gather moving company quotes, from multiple movers near you. To make your task easy, visit an online moving platform like Moversfolder where you can get free moving quotes from multiple licensed and insured moving companies that match your requirements.

Ready to get moving company quotes? But before you start collecting them, understand the important factors that determine moving quotes and how they affect the total moving costs. 

Size & Distance of Moving

Definitely, the size of the move affects the moving quotes. Like a 3 bedroom apartment has more stuff than a studio apartment, so it adds up the moving costs and contributes to higher moving quotes. Remember, long distance moving quotes are based on the weight of your belongings and distance. Indeed heavier the stuff and parallely far distance will directly affect the moving costs.

Day & Date of Moving

Even the dates you choose to move impacts your moving quotes, due to the favourable weather conditions, summer season is considered to be the peak season of moving. And if you plan to move during peak season, then you will have to pay more for moving. Also, you have to pay more if you are moving on a national holiday or weekends. So try to move during offseason and on weekdays to get the best and cheap deals for your move.

Packing Costs & Material

Another important part of moving is packing. If you have a certain budget or want to save money, you can handle packing all your stuff yourself otherwise hire a full-service moving company who can take care of the professional packing and unpacking all your belongings. You can also go with professional movers to partially pack your stuff like fragile items and heavy furniture items, while you can handle packing the rest yourself. In case you have any special items to move, then packing and moving such items will definitely add up to your moving company quotes.

Pickup and Drop Off Place

If the current location from where you are moving is situated in a narrow street where there is no access for a moving truck to enter or exit, then movers need to carry your belongings to cover the distance or use a small vehicle to bring your stuff to the moving truck. In such a case, the moving costs will be a little higher. These charges are known as long haul or shuttle charges, which are considered to be additional charges in terms of moving quotes.

Stairs or Elevator

The moving cost will be higher if the movers have to carry your belongings down or up the stairs. Also if any of your furniture does not fit through the door, then a rigger is required to hoist the stuff from the window, this is added as hoisting charges in your moving costs.

Get Competitive Moving Company Quotes, Compare & Save!

At moversfolder, browse local or long distance moving companies, know the average moving costs in your local area, find the cheapest way to move locally or long distance and more. Also request for free moving company quotes with your basic move information and compare prices and services at the comfort of your home and before you make a choice research well about the movers you are considering to hire.

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