Moving Companies Quotes

Important Factors Which Affect Moving Companies Quotes

If you are planning to move, you probably want to hire reliable moving companies to handle your relocation. To find them, you begin with gathering free moving companies quotes from various movers by using a trusted moving platform like Moversfolder. These quotes are provided free of charge and without obligation. To get more accurate binding estimates you can ask the movers you are considering to conduct a home survey and provide you more accurate binding estimate. But how is the cost mentioned in the quote calculated? what factors does it depend on? Find the factors that influence your moving quotes and determine how much money you will end up spending on your move.

The weight and volume of your belongings

The more stuff you move, the move expensive your move is bound to be. The Weight and volume of your belongings determine the type of Moving truck to be used and the time required to load and unload them. Also, if you have a special item, it is going to charge you extra.

Distance between your current home and destination

Again the greater the distance between your current home and your destination, the greater your moving prices will be. This is because you will be paying for not only the driver for his time on the road, but you will also have to pay for gas.

Labor Cost

Labor costs vary from state to state and movers to movers. If you are moving locally you will be paying hourly rates for labor, while many of the cheap long distance movers will generally all up labor costs in their overall estimated moving prices.

Add on services mentioned on Moving Companies Quotes

Your moving companies quotes also reflect any add-on moving services that you have chosen like packing of your belongings, disassembly, loading, unloading and assembly of your furniture, flight charges if movers are required to carry your belongings to another floor, etc. The moving price will be affected by the number of movers involved in accomplishing these extra services that you have requested.

Charges and surcharges

Along with charges of any extra services requested, there are also materials charge for packing paper, boxes, mattress bags, and tape which will also be factored in along with the sales tax. All these are included in the price shown in the moving companies quotes and are subjected to the sales tax of the company’s home state, regardless of the state that you’re moving to.

Valuation Coverage

First and foremost it is important to understand that moving companies do not offer insurance, but they provide tariff based loss and damage liability, which in moving industry terms is called as “valuation.” Although the moving company’s “valuation” is similar to insurance when any loss or damage of your property occurs, it is distinct since it adheres to the series of transportation laws. Moving companies provide two types of valuation coverage to their customers: Released Value Protection and Full Value Protection. While released value protection reimburses the consumer at a rate of 60 cents per pound, Full value protection reimburses the consumer for the replacement value of the goods.

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