How to Move Across the Country

A lot of things can go wrong when you are moving across the country. You might forget a lot of things if you are not careful, which will only prove to be a hassle later,  especially if you’re halfway through your trip. This is why it’s important to know how to move across the country and have a solid moving across country checklist. This can help make sure that you won’t miss anything.

Along with having a checklist, it is also significant that you have a planning process. This is because there are several tasks involved with the move so you have to plan ahead. But planning ahead requires you to have a checklist.

With a checklist, you can accomplish things one by one until the last thing that’s left to do is to move. Check out the following checklist that you can use while you’re still in the planning stages of your cross country move.

Make an Inventory of your Belongings

First and foremost, you need to determine which of your belongings you’ll bring and which of your belongings you’ll leave behind. This is especially true since you’re moving across the country which tends to be expensive. And dragging all the stuff that you hardly ever use doesn’t make sense.  So, consider your move across the country, a perfect time to declutter. Sell the things that you’ll be leaving behind. This is the quickest way to turn clutter into cash. And what doesn’t sell, you can always donate them.

Once you’ve set aside the things that you’re bringing, make a list of all these items. Make sure that the list is organized. Also, it’s a good idea to take pictures of your belongings, which might prove to be useful while claiming insurance.

Contact Cross Country Movers

This is probably the most important part in your how to move across the country checklist. Moving across the country is not a simple task, so make sure to hire the professional but cheap cross country movers with lots of experience. Moversfolder can help you in your hunt for the best long distance movers by comparing these moving company services and prices, research about them and check out their reviews, all at Moversfolder.

Arrange for Transportation

Reliable long distance movers will take care of moving your belongings. But how are you going to get yourself and your family to your new place? Are you flying? Are you driving across the country? Your next step is to arrange for your transportation.

Get Insurance for your Shipment

It’s a good idea to get insurance for your belongings so that you’ll be protected. This is especially true if you are moving expensive electronics like TVs, refrigerators, or special items like a piano or any other valuable items. Make sure to understand all your insurance options from your hiring movers.

Contact your Utility Service Companies

Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to include this in their moving across the country checklist. You need to notify the utility companies that you’re moving so they can cut your service. Make sure to let them know when you’re leaving. The last thing that you need is to not have electricity on your last night in your soon-to-be old home.

Prepare for Packing Supplies

To save money while moving, you can always choose to pack your belongings yourself. You just need to buy packing supplies like Moving boxes, Packaging tape, Bubble wrap, Marker (to label the boxes), moving blankets etc

Self Pack your Personal Belongings

Start packing at least a month before your move. Begin with packing all the stuff that you don’t need. Pack all the necessary items 2 -3 days before the move. Make sure that you’re finished packing a day before your move. Don’t forget to pack an essential bag which will include all the daily necessary items which you will require once you reach your destination. 

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