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Getting ready for a big move is a challenging job. You need to decide whether you are going to do it yourself or hire movers. And you can make this decision only by understanding the various costs involved in moving, including the cost of hiring movers. This is why you need to get moving quotes since they can help you make good choices with your budget. Here are the three ways that you can get moving quotes.

Contact Moving Companies Directly

The most obvious way to get moving quotes is to approach the movers directly. You can contact them via phone or by filling some sort of “quote finder” which is located on their website or if their office is near your location, then you can certainly visit them personally in their office. This method works well if you have a solid recommendation from your friends or family. This way you can be sure that you are dealing with quality movers and not some scammers. Also, when you have just 2-3 recommendations, you can spare time to reach them directly.

The only drawback with this method is that it probably doesn’t give you the best possible deal. Since you are interacting only with specific movers, you are perhaps missing out on the best deals offered by other reliable movers.

Using a Moving Broker

Another way to get moving quotes is with the help of Moving Brokers. They are not movers, instead, they help you find the most affordable movers for your move for a fee. They have multiple moving service providers in their network and can provide you with all kinds of moving company quotes from movers that can assist you. While hiring them often secure another layer of protection, but you need to be sure you are hiring reliable brokers in the first place.

While they can make the move go smoothly, but, they take control from your hands and your move also gets more expensive since you have to pay both the broker and the movers now.

Get Moving Quotes Using Reliable Platforms like Moversfolder!

The simplest way to get moving quotes is by visiting online moving platforms like and submitting your requirements. This includes providing general information about your move so the bidding movers can understand the scope of work to be done, which includes:

  • Your moving date when you plan to move;
  • Your Current home address (zip code)
  • Destination home address (zip code)
  • Type of move (residential or commercial)
  • List of items to be moved (inventory)

Along with these, you are also required to submit your contact details, including your name, phone number and email address, so that movers can get in touch with you if they can cater to your needs. The beauty of this method is that you will be the only one to have control over your job offer.
The moving platform Moversfolder just sends messages about your requirement to various rendering moving services in your area. Also, since all the moving companies listed on Moversfolder network are licensed and insured, you don’t have to verify them again and as a bonus, you can check customer reviews left by previous clients too. Another reason to choose this method is that it promotes healthy competition among the top moving companies to bid for your job, thus cutting mover’s fees which is certainly advantageous for you.

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