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Online moving company reviews can be a great way to find the best local moving services in your area. It will help you sort out bad mover that only looks reputable on the surface. But online reviews are everywhere today, from the omnipresent Google to websites that deal specifically with movers like Moversfolder to Better Business Bureau (BBB). With this guide, learn where to look for reviews, what to look in them while deciding whether to call a local mover or not and how to try and determine which moving companies reviews are fake.

Mover Ratings: Where To Find Top Local Moving Services

Now, most moving experts suggest that reviews will help you find the best moving company. These reviews can be obtained not just online but offline measures too. All you need to do is ask your friends, neighbors, or co-workers before resorting to the Internet. These reviews are more helpful since it is more likely your views and opinions will be aligned with them. Also, your friends and family will give you an honest review since they have got nothing to gain from sharing the information, which cannot be said for online reviews. After all, with online reviews, you don’t know who behind the ratings was and what their purpose of writing a review was.

However, for better research, you will probably end up searching for online reviews in your hunt for the best local moving services. So, where should you check?

Better Business Bureau (BBB):

While BBB portal is mostly used by consumers to launch complaints against businesses, but, you can also find reviews for moving companies. By reading these reviews and complaints, you can find what full service movers struggle with in terms of service, how they respond to their customer complaints and what steps they take to find an agreeable resolution.


This moving platform is a great resource for finding trustworthy moving companies. All the movers listed on Moversfolder’s network are licensed and insured and just by filling a single form you can get free moving quotes from the moving companies. You can also check genuine customer reviews which could be found in profile sections of each moving company along with your details. 

What to Look for in Moving Company Reviews

While checking reviews, you will probably find a lot of adjectives, mostly positive and superlative. To get through them, look for repeat patterns. If the reviewers mention the similar things on the good side, the mover probably provides good local moving services in that area. Similarly, if the complaints follow a pattern, chances are the movers are performing poorly over and over again.

How To Tell Real Reviews From Fake

A lot of moving companies use some form of fake or assisted reviews. And not just positive, there are also fake negative reviews that pop up either because of other competitors or sometimes from cranky customers that can’t be satisfied no matter what. One simple way to navigate through reviews is to check how the company is responding to the reviews. It is not a good sign if they are not responding at all. Also, if a review page is filled with all positive reviews about local moving services along with their responses, read enough of them. If they are fake, you will probably find repeated words and similar language.

Use Moving Company Quotes to Find the Best Local Movers

At the end of the day, you should get at least 3-4 moving quotes online from multiple movers. Then compare these quotes and check online reviews to decide which companies you want to consider further. Your final decision to hire the movers should come through the quoting process itself and your conversations with the moving company representative.

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