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Moving long distance? Consider this scenario, ‘A family with shoves its belongings into 50 bulging boxes for a long distance move. But the movers ask them to pick up ten boxes that they need most and promises to send the rest later. The remaining boxes get lost in the move and when they arrive no one can recall what the boxes contained.’ This is what happens when you use long distance moving services to move a lot of junk instead of just getting rid of them.

Most of us tend to be “junkers”, whether we admit it or not. Moving can be a great wake-up call as to how much junk we are hoarding. By deciding to declutter, you can even save on your long distance moving services cost. Here’s an effective strategy for a junk-less move.

Consider Where and Why You’re Moving

Analyze each item and ponder not on how much it did cost you but how long you have had it, who gave it to you and whether you are using it anymore or not. If you haven’t used any item in the last year, chances are you won’t be using it in the future too. You need to be strong, and in spite of their emotional value consider decluttering all such items. Also, consider where you are moving to. Are you moving to a smaller apartment than your current home? Or are you moving-in with someone? Are you moving to a retirement condo? Consider your future accommodation and decide the level of decluttering depending on it and also how much does it cost to move long distance.

Leave Behind Clutter Items

Notorious items like books, unfinished projects which you haven’t finished from quite a long time, old or bulky furniture that doesn’t fit into your new environment, anything that is half-empty like paint cans, cleaning products, etc., all these need to be left behind or sell it out and use the same amount for the moving budget.

Let Your Kids Decide

If you have kids, probably a lot of junk belongs to them which they want. Let your kids decide what they want to keep and what they don’t want anymore. You will be surprised how often kids don’t want to save things, this way you can even reduce several boxes.

Sell Your Possessions

Before arranging a garage sale, just make an announcement, put in a sign on your lawn, a month before you start packing. Your packrat neighbours will want to get your stuff for cheap while you can relinquish a few of your beloved belongings knowing that a good friend or kind neighbors will enjoy it and at least remember you this way when you are out of sight.

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