How Much Does it Cost to Move Across Country

How Much Does it Cost to Move Across Country

Moving, especially across the country is neither easy on you or your wallet. So when you are planning to move across the country, you are obviously wondering “how much does it cost to move?” The answer can be challenging and cannot be simply quoted on the phone because this cost depends on some determining factors. 

Factors determining cross country move


The very first question that the cross country movers will ask you about is your source (your current home) and destination (the new residence to which you are moving) of the move. This will help them calculate the distance of your move. The longer the distance is, the higher the relocation cost will be.

Size of the move:

Size of the move is another determining factor when it comes to moving cost which goes both in terms of volume and weight of your entire household belongings. It’s easy to guess that the cost of moving a one-bedroom apartment is more than the cost of moving a three-bedroom apartment. The more stuff you choose to move, the more will be the weight, and therefore the more money you will be forced to pay in the end.  A simple solution is to trim down the number of items you are moving to a bare minimum in order to save hundreds of dollars on your moving cost.

Additional services:

Any additional services that you request from the cross country movers like packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly, and later reassembly, long haul, hoisting or any other will cost you extra. Depending on your situation, some of these may be necessary for completing the job, so be ready to be charged extra for them.

Average Moving Cost when Moving Across the Country

It is very hard to give accurate answer to the question how much does it cost to move across country, since the final moving cost of a cross Country move depends on variables like distance, size of the move, and additional services. This not just because of the ever-changing factors already mentioned, but also because different cross country movers have different tariffs. For the sake of convenience, if we assume that your moving distance 1000 miles, then you have the following moving average price examples:

The following average costs are nothing but estimates and include neither packing nor any other extra services.

Studio apartment:

The average weight of household items of a studio apartment is approximately 1800-2000 pounds, and if we consider moving distance to be 1000 miles away, then you should be expected to pay a moving cost of around $1500 excluding any extra services.

1-bedroom apartment:

The average weight of household items of a one-bedroom apartment is somewhere between 2500 and 3500 pounds, and again, if we consider moving distance to be exact 1000 miles away, then you should be expected to pay a moving cost within the range of $1800-$2500 without any extra services.

2-bedroom home:

The household items of a 2-bedroom home, on an average, could weigh around 5000-6000 pounds, so if the moving distance is 1000 miles away, then the moving cost is no less than around $3500-$4200 with no extra accessorial moving services included.

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