How Much Do Movers Cost for a Local Move

Planning any move is impossible without considering the cost of the move. This is why when you are planning to move locally, the very first question that comes to your mind is probably how much do movers cost for a local move?’ Or ‘what is the average cost of a local move?’ Besides knowing the moving cost will help you plan your moving budget and make you understand whether you can afford the movers or not.

Local movers charge around $90 and $120 per hour for two movers and a moving truck. This hourly rate applies even when the movers are wrapping, packing,  loading or driving from your old home to your new home. Local moving rates depend on where you live, your state and metro area. Along with that, there are several other factors too that influence the local moving cost.

Factors Affecting Local Movers Cost

Services required: Any extra services that you hire from the movers like buying packing materials, packing, disassembly and assembly of heavy furniture, temporary storage, cleaning etc are additions to your moving bill. These services greatly influence the total cost of your move. For packing alone, Local movers charge about $25-$35 per hour. You can substantially reduce your moving cost by choosing to handle a few of these services like packing yourself.

Labour Required

If you need extra moving labour to lift and move your heavy furniture, then moving labour will cost about $60 to $80 per hour.

2-hour Minimum

Most local moving companies charge a two-hour minimum. This protects them from wasting resources on moves that are too small.

Ease of Access

Is your current or new home located on busy streets? Can movers park their moving truck outside your house? Do they require a parking permit? If your movers have difficulty in accessing your current or new home, then you will have to pay the higher moving cost.

Time of move

If you are planning to move during the month of May to September, which is considered a moving season, then your moving cost will be higher. This is due to a higher demand for professional moving companies during these months.

Special Care

If you have special fragile items like antiques or paintings that need special packing and wrapping materials then it would cost you extra. Likewise, if you have bulky but special items like piano or pool table, then require skilled labor and special equipment to transport, which adds up yo your moving cost.

Moving Insurance

The minute you sign your moving contract, you get basic protection for your household goods. However, basic limited liability protection is just 60 cents per pound per article, which is just not enough. So, discuss with your movers about other options of protection and contact a third party insurance company to get proper insurance for your belongings.
Local moving costs are influenced these numerous factors and vary as per your moving needs, so the best way to get an accurate inkling of the moving price is to obtain as many local moving quotes as possible. Just fill in a simple form at Moversfolder and get free local moving quotes from the best local moving companies near you. This will help you to find the best prices that best matches your needs and budget.

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