How Much Do Local Movers Cost

Whether you are moving next door, across the street or town, everyone who is moving locally wants to know the same thing: How much do local movers cost. However, not all of us know how to calculate moving costs. And if you are moving for the first time, you probably don’t know what’s involved in the moving costs. Since every move is different, with this guide we will share the average prices of all the components of local moving, so that you can calculate your moving prices yourself.

Local Moving Costs – Important Components

To know how much do local movers cost and to calculate the local moving cost yourself, you need to know moving prices of all components. So, let’s begin with the learning prices of important components of overall moving costs.

The Size of Your Relocation

Local movers charge around $25 per mover per hour. This means on an average, for two movers and truck, local movers will charge about $200-$500 (for 3-5 hours of labour) for a one-bedroom apartment and about $800-$1,500 for a three-bedroom house which involves 7-8 hours of labour. 

Packing Supplies

Packing supplies like tape, stretch wraps, packing papers etc can cost $35-$105, cardboard boxes of different sizes can cost about $190-$600, and plastic moving boxes can cost about $65-$405. You can, of course, try using a few moving hacks and tips like using trash bags or IKEA bags, blankets etc to reduce this cost.

Packing Services

If you have a lot of stuff, moving last minute, or just don’t have the time or capability to handle packing your household yourself, then you need to hire professional packing services from your local movers. It will cost you anywhere around $30-$60 per hour 

Moving Special Item

Moving any special items like pianos, pool tables, safes, and art may be flagged with an extra fee of about $50-$450 per item to protect them during the move.


Released value protection is offered to customers at no additional charge. It ensures your belongings at 60 cents per pound which is certainly not enough if you are moving valuable and expensive items. In such cases, you should get full value protection which will cost around 1% of your total valuation.

Shipping Your Car

If you want to hire auto movers to ship your car or any other vehicle, on average it will cost you anywhere around $100-$500. 

Moving Permit

You will require moving permits especially if you live in larger cities. This document grants permission to temporarily park the moving truck in a designated location at specific times of the day. It could cost anywhere between $20-$80 depending on your location.

Pet Boarding

If you are a pet owner, you certainly want to keep your precious pup on a schedule with their meals, walks, playtime, and sleep routines. There are plenty of pet resorts who will take care of your furry pal while you complete your move, however, expect to pay around $25-$45 per night.


Tipping your local mover is not mandatory but it reflects a customer’s acknowledgment of a job well done.  You need to budget 5% to 10% of your total local moving cost which can then be distributed amongst the moving crew.

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