Full Service Movers

When you are planning to move there’s a lot of work to do, less time to do all the work and plenty to worry about. Or you can just hire full service movers to do the hard work and handle all the intricacies of your move. With their knowledge and experience, they make your replication job as easy and time-efficient as possible. With this guide, let’s go over what’s in store from full service movers and understand what kind of moving services they provide.

Full Service Movers Provide Packing Materials

Don’t waste time hunting for the right sizes of moving boxes, moving tape,  packing paper, and other packing supplies. Full service movers will provide everything that you need to pack up all your belongings from moving boxes to furniture covers and extra cushioning.

Professional Packing Services

Packing is the most troublesome and tedious part of moving. Full service movers will pack up all your possessions in a systematic manner within a small amount of time. With their expertise, they take special care and safely pack up all your delicate and valuable items like glasses, craftsmanship etc.

Furniture Disassembly/Assembly

Moving heavy furniture can be overwhelming. Full-benefit movers will ensure the majority of your huge, bulky and cumbersome furniture items are disassembled and securely packed so that they can reach your new home without a scratch. Once they reach their new destination, these skilled movers reassemble all the items back together without any glitch.

Securing and Loading Moving Truck: Fitting all your moving boxes, furniture pieces, appliances etc in a moving truck in such a way that nothing gets damaged during transit requires expertise. Full service movers come prepared with all the important moving equipment like dolly, straps etc and stack and secure all your belongings on the moving truck.

Transporting your Belongings

Regardless of whether you’re moving across the town or across the country, full service movers will drive your possession to your new location in a timely manner. 

Unloading Moving Truck

Once all your possessions reach your new home, the movers will unload all the boxes and other items and place them in respective rooms as per your instructions.

Unpacking and Cleaning services

Moving is both mentally and physically tiring. Full-service moving companies will help you settle down effortlessly by unpacking all your belongings and placing them as per your instructions. They also prepare your new home by getting rid of the mess that all the discarded boxes and packing paper can create.


Temporary storage services are usually required when moving long distance.  You probably didn’t receive the keys to your home due to an unexpected circumstance or your new home is not ready yet for all your belongings, there could be many reasons where you are required to use storage services. Many of the full service long distance movers have their own storage facilities to help you with this dilemma. 

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