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Free Moving Quote – What Do the Basic Estimates Include

You are planning to move and you have taken the smart decision to hire reliable movers to handle your move. But there are plenty of moving companies available and neither all movers are reliable and not all moving quotes are created equally. While they usually vary as per your type of move, there are some basic aspects of free moving quote that remain the same in almost all types of moves.

List of Items

Most moving companies will provide you with free Moving quotes based on your “List of items” furnished by you.  You can also find this list on the estimate as “provided by customer”. The “List of items” is a list of all furniture, appliances, and boxes that have to be moved which is provided by you over the phone or online. To get more accurate moving quotes, make sure to be as detailed as possible. Even better will be to ask the movers to visit your home, conduct a visual inspection of your belongings so that nothing is missed. In-home estimates are also highly recommended since it may not be possible for you to estimate the number of boxes required to pack all your belongings and missing any item on the “List of items” will be charged extra by your movers on a moving day.

Basic Packing

Most moving companies will include “Basic packing” on the “Moving estimate”. This Basic packing means that the movers will protect your furniture with blankets,  while all other packing materials and services that will be used during the moving process will be charged extra. After in-home inspection, the moving estimator can include “Full packing services” in your free moving quote. This usually includes all packing materials and professional services. If you want to save money on your move, then you should consider packing your belongings as much as you can, so the movers will pack less and charge you less. For you, we have compiled some of the best moving hacks and tips for DIY moves & cost savings.

Basic Moving Insurance

In most cases, free moving quotes will include “Basic insurance” or “Liability valuation protection”. This means that for any lost or damage of your furniture, you will be covered for $0.60 per pound, per item, for an example, if your TV is lost or crashed, and it weighs about 40 pounds or less you will get about $24.00 from the moving company, which certainly doesn’t cover the value of your TV. This is why it is highly recommended to get full replacement value insurance or ask for your movers about third-party moving insurance. Know about all your insurance coverage options before hiring movers.

Delivery Time Frame in Free Moving Quote

Make sure you read the Moving estimate thoroughly. On the moving day, you will be presented by the moving contract that states the “Delivery time frame” which may take up to 60 business days. Remember, the contract you sign on the day of the move is the last document you sign with your movers, and it may be different than the moving estimate you initially received. So it is highly recommended to take your time to read the new contract before you sign it.

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